2 new blog entries are now up. One was written yesterday morning and the other I just posted a few minutes ago.


new stuff

There is a new entry in the Main Blog today. It deals with the call we received at 330pm. I've also got some new decor up in there. I like it better than what I had up a day or so ago.



Catchin up

There's a new entry in the Main Blog


Hot News...this just in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok straight up....praying people pray, candle lighters light candles...good thoughts please!!!!

This morning approximately 10am hubby got a phone call from a company. He's already talked to the HR guy and they're going to have a lead in "etch" call him back. The company is located in Manassas Virginia. *crossing fingers*

EDIT 312pm. 2pm the etch leader called and they talked for a while. Sounded like he was testing hubby's knowledge bigtime. Hubby's a nervous sort and I heard ALOT of ummms before the answers would come out of his mouth. Much of what they were discussing is stuff hubby learned 11 yrs ago but hasnt really had to use (kinda like someone learning to be an auto mechanic and ending up doing a supervisor's job). I hope this wasnt a drawback. At least he was honest with the dude and said he gets nervous sometimes...like now. Hubby's giving this a 50/50 shot. He didnt feel as confident with this phone call as he did with the first one.


Saturday entries

3 entries in the main blog...a couple are pretty long. Well there's 2 there now and Im headed back in to write another before heading to bed.


Has it really been a week and a half?

New blog entry in the Main area. Added 4 more funnies to the Jokes area. I think that's all Im gonna do today to be honest. I have apps to fill out but I think I'll do those while watching tv tonight (thank goodness for a laptop).

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