Out of the mouths of children....


Just poppin in to say that part 2's up in the Main

A couple future entries that I'm working on and will be up in another day or so (so please dont answer here ):

01) What item or items DO all my readers collect as a hobby?

02) How well did my friends that got my questionnaire via email know me? (some of ya know me entirely too well!)


Workin on the site a bit today. If you havent been to it...there's a new page up. No, there's not a new entry there...it's the one that I've been tryin to get to look just right for the family memories. Big thanks to iggy for sending me the picture of the monument. It's not what I had pictured but it looks good nonetheless.

The Jokes area saw new entries on Wednesday and Thursday. A new entry went up in the Inspirational area...some of you got it via email already.

I'll be working an entry in the Main in a few minutes. As usual, it may take me half the day so just keep checking back. I should have it up before bedtime tonight.

EDIT:634pm: I got about half the entry up. I see we're due for an outage pretty soon so Im going to leave the other half for later tonight or tomorrow.

More gas funnies

Pretty bad when the gas is in the edjumakashunalz nearly every day......


Saw this for the first time today and couldnt resist:

EDIT: 072208 @ 613pm for iggy

Yellow: Ssssso ccccccold. Listen, if...if I dont make it,
Red: Hold on. You're gonna make it. Just hol

Light comes one and they look up....it's the freezer door opening and stock clerk is standing there.

Yellow: Hey. What happened to my M?
Red: It's called shrinkage.

Ok...now go ahead and re-watch...keeping your eye on the yellow's M....you know ya wanna...LOL!


Well..no writer's block tonight. No, I didnt deal with the one I was mulling over and pretty much am going to let it go. An opinion is an opinion....period. I will say that I was a touch dismayed over the whole thing though.
There are 2 entries in the main blog tonight. One is all comics though so it'll go fast. The other is, as my friend iggy pointed out, a "3 grilled cheese sammich" kinda entry so you may wanna grab something to eat and drink, go wring the bladder dry and get comfy before starting to read it.
I added the links to the Photobuckets to the right there....>>>
You want the Air and Space file from 2008. If you feel like checking out the other pictures too, feel free.

Have a nice Day!

There'll be some new stuff on site later. Everyone have a wonderful day!


No iggy, I havent had any spam lately on any of my other pages. As such, Im taking the word verification down....for now.

New up today: 2-3 Jokes and 1 Inspirational. I waited a few days on the latter as another good friend of mine had posted it on her page so I figured I'd wait until she had something new up before I posted it.

I gotta get a pic taken of the new desk arrangement. More than likely will do that today so there ~might~ be another entry up later today with details on the Saturday trip out and a picture of the office. Still kinda out of sorts today as that one entry I mentioned before is still sitting in the back of my head being mulled over. Havent decided how or if I'll deal with it or even if I should. It really isnt much my business. It's a difficult situation....especially when I feel like I've been lumped in with the one group. Sad thing is, I see both sides of the issue as I've been through it before at least a couple times over. Still doesnt irritate me any less though. I think the problem is how to make it so both sides can be seen yet no one gets hurt with my words. Maybe a nice day out will clear my mind. Anyhow...Im leaving a few more computer comics that came in the edjumacationals the last few days. Some of them are too damn true. I think we've all had days like this.....


Could it be that Im simply not feeling well? Or is it just that a certain entry has me really outta sorts today? In anycase, there's something blocking an entry that Im sure is there...sitting patiently in my brain, just waiting to come out. I just know it's there....but my monitor just sits there, mocking my attempts to bring the entry to fruition.

Then again, if they're giving the roaches skin mags to help milk 'em, those roaches just may NEED the ciggies!


While I was in my MySpace, I was reading an entry that my friend Luna wrote. Actually , it was more like she saw something she liked and posted the list but left a link to the complete entry for details on the listing. When I went to the original author's page to read the post, I saw that he had pix with each numbered item. This one was my favorite. That last line, I seem to use a variation of quite frequently. "I wrote about it in my blog...didnt you read it?"


Yeah...this is pretty much right dontcha think?

Geee....this one reminds me of someone. I wonder who?


Happy Independence Day!
Yesterday I put 3-4 laughs up in the Jokes Room and the day before I put one in the Inspirational page. It's a long read but well worth it.
I may get a short entry up later today, depending on how fast I get the housework done. Gotta pick up some because my SCSis shows up tomorrow and I dont want this place to look anymore chaotic than necessary.


A couple laughs for today...

The timing of this one was just priceless after Alice and iggy's posts yesterday...

I've always said, ya know ya've made it when ya make the comics.....