Just a heads up

Wasnt really going to post today but I just thought I would give a heads up for those were Constantine Maroulis fans during season 4's American Idol competition. I saw while I was in MySpace today that he has a new cd coming out on 08/07/2007. If the rest of the music on it is anything like the one song he has posted on his myspace account then it would be worth a listen. Ive been to Amazon already and they didnt have any previews.

A forgotten event

Looks like I was writing as Chicago was reading in some cases. LOL. Thing is I was going to do them early this afternoon and we had some thunder boomers go through. Then when they stopped I was getting into Hell's Kitchen and of course when I get into one of my shows you can forget me doing anything computerwise...even if I have the laptop in the livingroom. Oh hell I wont even talk on the phone during those times. Man, I hope the nanny whips that executive chef's ass. I really wanted the short order cook though...*sigh*. Maybe next time.

Made some changes to both the Main Blog and the Padded Room. Got a new picture up and tweaked the font colors. The quote on the top of the Padded Room is from a myspace of a friend of my hubby's. Thought it was very appropriate for the topic.

Today's entry in the main blog is a forgotten event from Thursday. Ya'll remember I mentioned a dr's appointment on that day right? Go figure I can remember the name , description and personality of every one of the cats I had as an adult but damned if I can remember what happened to me two days prior. I see Chicago laughing at this as we had that conversation Sunday night. She made the mistake of asking if I remembered them all....and I did. Every. Last.One. With one minor little glitch at who got left behind in Louisiana. Maybe it was all the trauma of seeing the scopes on the table and knowing one of them were going to get shoved up my nose....

Rihanna Lyrics


new stuff and entries

Today we have two new entries. One in each of the usual spots. Ive also added a search feature to each blogspot that should work for each particular blog area. I've also added a Suduko puzzle for my readers to play with if they so choose. The slideshow is a few pix of the stuff I've painted. Basically, it's there to see if the embedding works here like it does in Myspace...thankfully it does. Alice this is what I was telling you in your blog hun.

Everyone have a nice day!


Yeah, so, I feel like writing today

I have 2 entries in the Main Blog and one in the Padded Room. Some reason I felt like writing today. This picture is one of the several butterflies that have been visiting as of late. You can see what I meant about the flash in the one main blog entry.


You know ya made it big when ya make it into the comics

I normally dont read this comic but the Nos in the first one caught my attention and I just had to read it. So I wonder how many households are going through this this week?

There are entries in the Padded Room and the main blog today. Didnt really feel like writing but figured I'd better. Last time I stopped that one particular blog it took months and a move to another area to get me back into it again. With all that happened in there, Im wondering if a shot of Eternal Sunshine wouldnt help me out some.



New entries in the Padded Room and the main blog.

Not much going on. Same ole Same ole.


the rest of the results

I called the doctor late yesterday and asked after my CT scans. Like I told the nurse, it was done on July5th and I havent gotten a form back yet. We got my hubby's and he was scanned on that same day. The doctor called back today and said that yes there was a slight deviation in the septum. Being a tiny deviation was good news....the bad news is that it doesnt seem to be the only problem. She says there's alot of gunk up in there due to drainage problems and that she feels we need to send me to an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist). Doc didnt say anything about polyps but the nurse had said earlier (nurse called at 1030am and dr at 3pm) there could be a cyst up in there. My dr wants a second opinion before we do anything.

New entry in the padded room. Not much else is going on today.


Dad's idea of a joke

I got a package from the folks in California today. Inside were a vhs, dvd, some perfume samples (mom works for Gottchaulks) and the following:

I get the impression he misses me. LOL


Today's writings

Today feels like a Pandora's Box kinda day. I have 3...yes I said 3 entries for the day. One is in my Padded Room. This one deals with the next section and also goes into an episode that came to mind when my back started bothering me today. Damn flashbacks. At least it's drawn attention to me as to what the possible cause of my back pain is.
I also have 2 entries in the Main Blog. One is the same ole general stuff and the other is a memory I had from last night. Should one explore what could have been on those Roads Not Travelled? Should one really be as curious as Pandora? We all know what happened to her (if ya dont...time to Google it). Then of course, she opened the box not once but twice and with the second opening she released Hope as well as all the Troubles (they did a mass exodus upon the first opening).
Now if you'll excuse me, this Pandora's gonna open that box in the 'frige labelled Sangria.....


Another sunny day

We have another sunny day. The weather's saying we're gonna get rain today though. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow. No time for an entry in the padded room right now. I may do one later, I havent decided yet. There is one in the main blog though. I gotta run a couple errands (hubby forgot he wanted coffee while we were out yesterday and Im craving chocolate icecream) and need to be back for my stream tonight. I got 70's queued up.


Just a quick note

We've got new posts in the other two areas today. Not much else. Have a beautiful sunny moment so maybe I'll pop out for a bit. Never know how long it's gonna last anymore especially after yesterday. Damn weather. There was a line of storms to my north yesterday and I had just told a friend, "so long as the wind dont shift like the other day we should be fine...I mean how often do those buggers come from the north"...just hung up with her and damned if one didnt fire up right over head from outta nowhere. It didnt last but an hour or so and was mostly noise, but still enough to keep us offline for a bit.


Just another day

I know by this pic it doesnt really look like it but the "kids" really do get along well. The dog is just a tad hyper for the cat's tastes sometimes. Dharma's (kitty) claws might be splayed in the picture but she never once has used them against KatyLou (my furniture, on the other hand....). Katy's about 10 pounds so Im guessing Dharma's around 12. Katy's hubby's holy terror and is usually quiet - until daddy gets home then it's like a racetrack in my hallway.
There are new entries today in each of the other areas.
Man I need a cuppa tea...oh wait...I've gone decaf havent I? *sigh* Maybe a Pepsi....


A 50/50 day

What strange weather we have today. My desk is one of those ones that sits in a corner. It's positioned where I can look out of one of two windows at almost any given time (unless Im typing then all I see are the keys...). Today at one point I looked out the one to my left and it was cloudy and dreary...I turned and the other had the sun shining brightly. Go figure. Ive already had 2 thunderstorms and a rain shower run through here in the time Ive been at my desk doing my emails and my blogs.

Ive got 2 new entries in. One in the padded room and a funny story in the main blog. Well...umm it's funny for me. I dunno how everyone else will see it. I need to tell more stories about that school. As much as I was unhappy with my own personal Lord Voldemort (read as my now ex...I hear ya chuckling at that reference over there Tori!!), I did have some good times at that school.

Oh..thank you Chicago for the weather idea. I had seen it before on your page and thought about how cool that was. The more I thought about it, the better I liked...so I snuck the idea.


back to SSDD

Only entry today is in the padded room. It's a short one because I dont feel good and there wasnt much that went on in that particular location.

Today I awoke to thunder and grey skies again. Not sure if we got rain but some parts west got up to 3-4 inches worth. The one lake is now leaking over it's dam and is expected to crest over it tonight sometime. Thunder was off and on all day.

Missed the band I wanted to see last night because hubby's work had problems. In the time he would have left to pick me up he was beeped no fewer than 6 times (in a 30 minute period) plus the duty phone was ringing like no tomorrow. I told hubby he damn well owes me an overnight trip next time the band hits Tyler. Maybe I can get him to make it a short weekend trip. Ahh well.


Sun-ny day...

... Sweepin' the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get how to get to...."

Ok... *giggles* after Chicago was singing to me in the last couple comments I could NOT resist that. Aint that a damn cute pic of Elmo though?

..oO(ok, who all's got that running through their heads and wants to kill me now? LOL)

New posts in the main blog and the padded room. Still havent decided what road Im going with the padded room stuff yet so please be patient.

EDIT 4pm. Hubby's up and helped me get the pix I mentioned in the main blog off of the camera.

The grass shot shows 1 week's worth of growth. The strip by the garage mowed down to show the difference.
This second picture is the day I got today. The sky is so blue it actually shows up AS blue in the pic without having to run it through anything special. Maybe we just had alot of pollutants in the air the other day.


New changes due to all the rain

The DFW municipalities have adopted a new construction code. Below is an artist's conception picture of the new codes being put into effect.


Star Spangled Banner video

This was sent to me in a bulletin on my MySpace. I hope you enjoy it.

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A really short entry

Saw this pic a couple years back while making a banner for a friend and just loved the look of it.
Happy 4th of July everyone!


OMG...we saw sun!

Two days in a row...at least 2-3 hours worth yesterday and for a good portion of the day today! I hope it dries up a little. At least til the mushrooms go away. Ew.

Last entry from the handwritten journal is in the padded room. Havent decided where Im going to head with it yet. Give me a couple days. I may just take random memories from each of the hells I was in with that creep.

There's a new entry in the main blog with pictures from today. OMG we actually had SUN !! Free Vitamin D for everyone!! Man I wish I had a heavy duty chair so I could go out and enjoy it. Do a little needle work or read or something. Im sure the pooch would love it too.

Well gotta go...gotta scan this pile of news papers on my desk. Such old news I may just say :P~~ on it and work on my photo album instead. In any case I want at least a half of one of these piles GONE today.

Oh...before I forget...a friend sent me this link. If anything, it's a fun way to kill a few moments. When you open the link -- a series of about 12 pictures will come up -- click on a photo in that category that most appeals to you. Just continue to keep picking the pics that appeal to you after reading the category. At the end it will give you a profile of yourself .



Well thanks to Chicagolady singing in the last comment...I managed to see 2-3 hours of sun today. Since I responded to her comment, though, it's clouded over and rained- TWICE. With more to come. Maybe I should leave her singing next time and not respond...maybe THAT'S the trick.

Entries in the padded room and the main blog. The main blog is just a joke a friend sent in email that is just too good not to share. It's so hard to find one I havent read yet. I was typing the padded room entry between storms so please forgive the lateness....well the storms and a long distance call from my SCSis (who sent me the joke in the main blog).

Alice, I know you're probably reading this....I am praying today found a better day than yesterday and will find an even brighter tomorrow.


More adjustments

Here it is, nearly 4pm and I've still yet to see any sun today. The Dallas Morning News. is showing a line of storms headed for me *again*. Did I mention Im beginning to hate this weather? Oh...I did...sorry. Like I said last night, if it was overly dry, I'd bitch about the foundation and grass... since it's wet it gives me another whole line of complaints. Ok...let's just be honest...Im just a miserable person all around. If you dont believe me, ask some of my friends...

I added a few new links to the right. Please feel free to explore. Heads up though, when going to Michael's vlog and the Whatthebuck Show...dont be eating or drinking as he's quite funny. Dont say I didnt warn ya. Oh, and YES he's very gay...it aint an act.

I also refreshed the music player some. Kinda had to because some of the links stopped working. I really should just find a hosting site and put some of my files on the web. Then I wouldnt have to worry about whether or not the links were working on any given day.

There wont be an entry in the padded room today. I simply dont feel like typing one. Plus with the storms headed my way I highly doubt I could get a full entry in before having to bail. There is, however, a new one in the regular blog area.