just doing some freshening up

Like I've said before, it's pretty bad when the news is making it into the funny pages....
I've added about 4-5 new entries to the Jokes area.
New decor up on this page as well as the Main blog.
New player up on this site.
I had a bit of a brain storm today and am going to think on it some more before I mention it here. It's all going be decided on how much work it's going to entail and whether Im willing to put the work into it or not.


Some medical themed funnies

This looks like a conversation I could have had on the 26th of August....except they have magazines to read and are substantially more clothed:

If stress counted, I would have been skin and bones while married to that first jackass:

I feel this way about the scale too:

I sure could use one of these for spring, summer and autumn:

One from Calvin...looks like me at any specialist's office:

The following was a short story arc in the Agnes comic. I feel the same way about needles:


I know the feeling....

Looks like me on a Tuesday morning...lol


today's laugh

So. I was sitting there, reading the daily funnies and this one came up. And who do you suppose was the first person I thought of? *laffz* Yep....one of my newest readers!



This video has no sound so no worries that the music's playin. Who knows, the purrrfect song may come up while you're watching.

This video is cute but makes me miss my Auggie. He is a black and white tuxedoed longhaired boy that I had to leave behind. He was 2 when I left so he's around 7 now. I know some of you remember me telling you stories of how Auggie would like to play. This video is actually another cat playing the same game Auggie loved.

Man I gotta wake up

Man, I need to get myself started today. I wonder if that method above works on humans too....
For those that dont visit daily (because I dont always write daily), there are 3 entries in the Main Blogspot, and at least one more in Jokes that got added last night.
Today is my dr/shots visit and I should have an update on that. It'll more than likely be a long entry as I have about a month of catching up in that area of my life.



Hope ya dry out soon Chicagolady....


you know it's bad when....

... you need an interpreter in your own country. Worse yet when it's the accents that some of say we dont have get in the way...

Posted a new entry in the Inspirational area and I think I put a couple new Jokes up. I've got a Main Blog entry started but the cable went out on us yesterday a total of 8 times. The first couple times were the worst as it was out for 60-90 minutes each time. Most annoying was when it *poofied* on me the 6 times between 830pm and 1230am.... Had to watch the season finales of a couple of my programs TWICE to be able to see the whole episode.


I wonder if we can write him in

New entry up in the Main. Depending on how things go tomorrow there *might* be another up.



Been a busy few days in my Blogger account. The Squirrel Wars got wrapped up, I've got 2 entries with awards in them and another with just some pix I wanted to share.

You'll see a few changes also. I've placed a ReverbNation player at the bottom of the page for your listening pleasure. On it is music of some of the artist Im a fan of on that site. I've added a few clicks and whistles to the page. At the bottom you'll find a followers section. Not sure I'll keep it, it all depends on if people use it or not. Same goes to the subscription buttons to the right. If they're used, I'll keep then around. I've added a quote of the day to the right. It'll be interesting to see what shows up from day to day. there have been a couple awards given that I've proudly hung up and you'll see that I've begun to categorize my entries. This last project may take me a while. I've moved a couple things around too. The current conditions and site meter have been moved to the bottom.

I'll be adding a couple of Jokes to the appropriate area in just a few minutes. I hope everyone likes the changes.