sounds good to me

Actually, a week of Yanni in my head sounds better than good... it sounds wonderful.


home invasion aka a little visitor

I'm just catching up on reading my comics because I simply hadnt felt like going through all 100+ that I read on a normal day, plus I've been side-tracked with Idol and all. Any how the story arc on this particular strip started on March 30th and it wasn't until today's entry that I remembered WHY the story looked so familiar. It looked familiar because it reminded me of my dear friend cross the pond, Marmie! Her story is here: http://marmitetoasty.blogspot.com/2009/03/unexpected-visitoragain.html


American Idol humor

Ok, so I doctored this one a bit. It was just so fitting at the time. I have no clue what the original comic said..


Today's laugh

A blonde goes back to work after many years.

The video is only 4 seconds long.

Many of those under the age of 40 will probably not understand it.