feelin fat n bloated today

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your ummmm golden hair?

Yeah, I know the feeling. I think I'll go to bed early (like in 10 minutes as opposed to 5am) so I can be up a bit earlier (noon as opposed to 330pm) and get these nasty metallic highlights taken care of.


Things I could learn from my cat

For those that follow here and dont normally visit my Main Blog, I'd like to invite you over to I've got to be where my spirit can run free..... .I *finally* did one of those 25 Things games ...ok well I cheated and lumped it with an Honest Scrap AND opened up the blog for questions. So pop on over, give it a read and then drop a couple questions in the comments section for me to answer. Next Sunday I'll be answering everything (within reason) that shows up in the comments section there.


Alert the media

Saw this one in today's edjumakashunalz reading and immediately thought of my bloggy buddies in points north of me....


Hold the veggies!

A bowl of Fat Free Croutons with 20 spritz of Hidden Valley Ranch spray dressing and a glass of unsweet iced tea for table 10!


one spoonful

Now THAT'S my idea of dieting ;)