Pringles taps music industry

Pringles has decided to tap the music market by doing covers of some of their favorite artists. Their first attempt is a still shot of their cover of one of Beyonce's highly dance-able hits:

Lookit that leg action!!!
No word when or if the video will actually air.

Sorry... couldn't resist this one.

If, by chance, some of my readers (all 3 of you...lol) have no clue which song this is a parody of.... here's the video.



Oh but yes, I did

For those that don't quite get this (after all we don't all have the same taste in music), here's a video that will explain it:

No need to listen all the way through if it's not your style, getting to 1:30 or so will be enough to have the joke make sense.

Sci-fi fans may enjoy this version better:



Sometimes the hazmat suit doesn't even help. This is my 9-10 months a year . This year, it started in February....


It's cookie time

Please be sure to be properly clothed when you answer the door!