Thinking of a couple of you

Im not sure if you're with HMOs but I know a couple of you are (or had) problems with doctors lately so the comic is appropriate.


My standard answer

I had to laugh when I saw this as the last frame is my standard response to "So how've you been doing" or "Whatcha been up to?". Other than that, it's a great message....
I dropped an entry on Saturday, in case you havent been by lately.


some updates

I've added new music to the player below. My entry is up in MySpace...actually 2 of them. With any luck I'll get an entry written here later today.


For those that have been getting all the snow I've been craving

Rumor via the news is that we're supposed to get some snow this week. Either tomorrow or Friday. Yesterday we had a nice day and we were out in lightweight jackets but by the evening we were wishing we had our winter coats as the temps dropped 40 degrees in a few hours. With the way my joints are starting to ache, I'd say that it's very possible we'll get some form of cold precip this week.


Todays additions

I've been adding to the pages today as I was emptying out my email box (*still*). So far I have 8 entries in the Jokes area, 3 in the Inspirational page and 2 on the Main. Im not sure how much more Im going to add tonight to be honest as there are still 7 pages in my inbox and Im not sure I feel like working on this much more tonight. In the next day or so I should have an entry in the MySpace section and at least one more entry in the Main Blog.


new setting as of today

Im tired of getting people in who hide under the "anonymous" nick and dont have the balls to say who they are. As such I've changed the settings to a couple of the pages to where you need to have an account to leave a comment. Im sorry but I feel it is necessary at this time to make this change. All pages associated with this account will more than likely go to this setting. This should not effect any of my usual readers that have accounts.



Forgot to mention that I wrote a blog really early this a.m. Sorry I was really tired when I was typing it. Oh and I've added a RSS feed to my MySpace account on the Home Page as well as the Main Blog (that one mostly for Tori's convenience as I know she doesnt visit this page). I'll be blogging AI as usual unless something comes up (namely a job...maybe I can convince them to only work me on Thurs-Mon?). In any case, even if I have to work Im sure I'll find a way to get my thoughts out there (thanks to YouTube...).

Not in my area, but some I've read about...


Super Bowl Sunday

Hey it's Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for? Im cheering for the northern team in the tight pants today. What? They're BOTH northern teams in tight pants?? Well then how about I just cheer for the commercials then because that's all I'm really going to end up watching anyhow. ~grinz~

Im working on several pages today so just keep checking back. I think Im going to go and decorate the Main Blog for the season. Im getting tired of the fushia and black anyhow. Dont get me wrong...it's awesome as is, Im just tired of it right now and since it's the one page everyone reads, it's the one that will get the holiday treatment. Ive got several pages of email jokes that I want to weed out too so I may get those posted in the jokes area. Ive been getting some inspirational type ones I'd like to share so Im tossing up making a page them as well. I do have that one page Im not doing much with....(no not the Padded Room or the art area...there's another that I havent posted a link for yet).

Been sitting on that comic above for several days now ... waiting for just the right day. I guess this explains all the "alien" sitings we've had the last month or so...what with Mardi Gras season and the Super Bowl....~grinz~

EDITED 253pm: Saw iggy's comment come through so I figured I'd whip up a little something for him. I hope ya like it.

Hey looks like he was in the military for a bit and earned some stripes. Awesome! Maybe we can get him to choose Walter as a VP? (see link at rt..Walter for President).


Some humor from todays funnies...

Check back on the Home Page entry for the 28th of January. I found the comic again after some digging and reposted the pic. With any luck it wont red square you this time.

Here are some other funny ones from today celebrating Groundhog's Day and the wishful thinking of Spring....