Hell yeah Im ready....

EDIT SEPT27 @1106AM: This note added for the benefit of Chicagolady who "always will need step-by-step instructions" (her words, not mine).....In the entry below you will be required to scroll to the bottom of the home page to TURN OFF the player BEFORE playing the videos. Bo's songs dont match up with Harry n the rest in the player. ~grinz~ Oh and the videos are meant to be watched ONE AT A TIME, not simultaneously. While we're leaving directions...this link below will take you to another site....I suggest clicking each separately (and only clicking the next one when you're finished listening to the previously chosen clip) and then using the OPEN option and not save as they arent the whole song, just a 1 minute or so snippit of each. I hope this edit has made your life easier ;).

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One minute snippits of the songs on the new album. Hell yeah Im ready for this one and time simply CANNOT pass fast enough so I can get my hands on this cd.

Double videos posted this week because I think I forgot last week. The last one I remember posting is the one before 911. Oopsie. Just been a little sidetracked here. Dunno why, nothing much is going on.

Blades of Glory (leave it to Bo Bice to make a cheesy, made-for-movie song actually sound halfway decent...)

Blades of Glory - Bo Bice

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Doesnt Remind Me

Bo Bice Doesn't Remind Me

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Not much today

Cant get this song outta my head.....evidentally someone I know needs to hear it today so I looked up a video for it. Shame there isnt a video with him performing the song. Must've been awesome in concert. Anyhow, I guess this'll just have to do. Whomever needed to hear this...this one's for you.



Just droppin in

There's a new blog in the Main Blog area. No I havent finished the one for the Padded Room yet *sigh*. I think that one might get finished this week sometime. I have a new area up. I decided to go ahead and make a section to post all those jokes in just so I can get them out of my inbox. There's a possibility I may add another page later with some other stuff that's just sitting around and cluttering things up.



I've got a now post in the Main Blog and Ive got one in draft mode in the Padded Room. Not sure if I'll actually get that finished today to be honest. I've gotten so I dont want to deal with that particular subject right now.I know there are at least several more entries at least before I can move on to other stuff regarding to that issue. Ah well.

I'd rather paint though. Ive got mp3s in my check file to review also....

Oh the video is the recent KT Tunstall single off her new album that releases today. *WOOT*


Yesterday and Today

Update on hubby in the Main Blog......

Here's a video of the song I used as my closer last week as performed on Jimmy Kimmel's show last year.


This week's Bo vid

Havent been feeling good this week. It's to be expected and I'll get over it. I've already blogged the why in my Journey blog. Top that with alot seemingly going wrong at the same time, well other issues kicked in because Im high strung. I need a vacation. Im headed into the Main Blog to post a small entry. As Tori's (and others Im sure) noticed, I may say a small blog now, but it'll end up being longer than expected. As such I'll just say Im going over there and who knows how long the bugger may be.

As promised, Im posting another Bo video for the week. This week's Bo video, I dont think I could have timed better. As I was perusing the Bo vids I wanted to post I had lined this up for the second week. I hadnt been paying attention to the calendar as I was getting them in order, just putting them in what I thought would be a good order to show them in. Imagine my surprise that it falls on a very appropriate week.

American Blood montage: Put together by the person that runs the Bo Bice Fan Base on MySpace.

American Blood - Blubird cafe acoustic version

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entries n vids

Ok I have two entries done for today. I figured I'd better before Chicagolady called Chuck Norris and sicced the Texas Rangers on me (actually, would that ~really~ be a bad thing?). There's one in the Main Blog and one in the Journey Room. Nothing in the Padded Room as I simply cant bring myself to write in that one for now. I've hit one of those patches where that blog just gives me a migraine.

Anyhow, as many have noticed from my Home Page, Im really excited that Bo's *FINALLY* putting out another cd. From the rumors this one is going to be awesome. As such, Im going to celebrate and post one video (or 2-3 if I find some really good ones) each week on this page. Some you may have seen, some you may not have. It all depends on how much of a fanatic you are...


Voodoo Child done at an American Idol concert in 2005. Video quality does NOT do this performance justice (I went to one of the concerts that year).