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if you havent checked the Main lately you may wanna...the entries are shorter but Im putting something up pretty much everyday in there now



reminds me of a couple of chat pals

When I saw this one I thought of at least a couple guys I used to chat with. The second thought was....at least it aint orange.


time goes by so fast

You ever notice how the older you get the faster time seems to pass? The weather has finally gotten chilly enough here regular enough for me to actually admit that summer may, in fact, be over...


internet humor

Yeah, some days the first comic pretty much sums it all up.

This next one was just plain funny. I have quite a few friends in MySpace that Twitter their days away. I really dont see the point in it to be honest. Im not all THAT interesting for one, and secondly, if I Twittered....well then I REALLY wouldnt have anything to blog! LOL

EDIT: 10:16pm: For those that havent heard of Twitter, here's a link: http://twitter.com/


Me time....sounds really good about now.
Got 2 entries up in the Main. May add to the Jokes tonight as I saw some really good ones in the Reader's Digest last night.


signs of an unusually cold winter

New entry up in the Main.
That wooly bear up there looks like the one we saw in Texas just before we moved. Havent seen any of these signs yet.


this morning's cuppa joe

Good morning everyone! I'll be on later and *IF* I can get my rear in gear, there may be an actual blog entry later tonight.

A few new items in Jokes and if you havent been to the Main blog in the last couple days, you may wanna pop over there too.