internet humor

Yeah, some days the first comic pretty much sums it all up.

This next one was just plain funny. I have quite a few friends in MySpace that Twitter their days away. I really dont see the point in it to be honest. Im not all THAT interesting for one, and secondly, if I Twittered....well then I REALLY wouldnt have anything to blog! LOL

EDIT: 10:16pm: For those that havent heard of Twitter, here's a link: http://twitter.com/


AliceKay said...

What's twittered?

ChicagoLady said...

I don't have enough going on in my life to twitter. It would one word updates: Bored

Intense Guy said...

When I first heard about Twitter about a year ago I thought, WTF?

...and I wondered have people given up on being able to have ANY privacy and gone the other way to to tell the world each and every little thing?

Imagine if you will - the ability to listen in on ANY cell phone conversation in the world at any time (and no, I don't even think our Government should be able to do this for real) - just think of how much drivel you would hear... I've often wondered of all the phone babble going on - how much of it actually has any significant content... 3%? 5%?


LadyStyx said...

Depends on who is calling iggy. If it's mom and daddy....about 7%. If it's my SCSis, that figure goes down by 75%...LOL