timing. you gotta love it.

So I posted yesterday in my entry today's appointment about my visit to the dietitian and added a few funnies I found through Google...then I wake up to the above in my daily edjumakashunalz reading today. Timing. You gotta love it.


maybe it's in the works for next season?

There've been quite a few this year that could have used this...especially those who ~think~ they can sing Lovin You by Minnie Ripperton.....


Im NOT crazy!!

Yep. Found that one quiz at babyrocasmama's blog yesterday...did it and had it queued for post this morning. What should appear in this morning's edjumakashunalz reading but the above comic.


It's about friggin time! 9am wakie wakie....

Yessssssssssssss. The dance worked last night as today I have wonderful, light, fluffy

1 am...bedtime



positive attitudes

Wow! If this is the way Im supposed to be doing it, then I must be down into my highschool jeans too! Shame I dont have a pair around to check. I'd love to be back down to at least that weight again.



This was in today's comics. Does it look even SLIGHTLY familiar to any of my regular readers? It should.
Monday, January 12, 2009

Silly husbands


yes, they went there

Gotta love Bizarro, absolutely NOTHING is sacred.... and then I read this entry:


So THAT'S how it's done!!!

Update: There's one new entry in the Main from today but 4 from yesterday. One of the entries has awards issued in it so check and see if you won anything.

I've refreshed the tunes in the Jukebox so if you need tunes while reading other blogs, feel free to click the link.


Ya ever have days like this?

Yeah, I know I have...

Doesnt help that the creative moose is feeling very blue, knows exactly what is wrong and cant do a damned thing about any of it (gotta leave it in His hands and leave it alone!) . She's gotten so she refuses to chew through her lead or even kick the stall door down (she's taken to hiding in the hay so I cant find her). Maybe I can convince her to come out for a walk today...