Signs of the times

Just a couple outta today's funnies. What a sign of our times when Old Father Time offers the incoming Baby New Year protective gear! Gonna be an interesting year folks.


Thank goodness it's over

Posted an entry in the Main last night. Took me a few hours to get it done as I was typing on the laptop in the livingroom while watching movies.
Saw the comic above today while reading the "educationals" and thought I'd share. Gotta go and get the rest of the craft stuff sorted and packed today. Everyone have a wonderful day.


I'm so glad...

...that Im not register trained and therefore CANNOT work the service desk or any of the returns registers because this is way too true.....



There are 3 up in the Main, real short I promise...not like that marathon one I posted last night. I also have 3 up in jokes. May be more later not sure yet as I have to pack my craft stuff tonight and I'd like to read a bit too.


World already in progress

Yeah...I still feel much like that. Nothing yet (possibly later but not sure yet) in the main blog as I've been busy taking down all the holiday decor from my web pages. Only have to deal with my Yahoo now. I figure Im going to be too busy after the New Year starts to deal with it and I certainly dont want to leave it up until February or later (dunno what kind of net service I'll have in corporate housing and dont want to wait until we get into our new digs). Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.

**EDIT 730pm** There is an entry up in the Main blog at this time.


Gonna be a long night

Punchline up in the Main Blog.
Saw this comic up a few days ago and meant to post it that day but forgot. I wonder why...never usually forget stuff like that. Yep it's gonna be a looooooooooooooooong day.....


If I wasnt so tired this would give me a great idea..

Some of you may have seen the pic in my MSN ava...here is the WHOLE picture.

A mini blog entry up in the Main area with the next part of the joke.

*sigh* Look at that temp>>>>>and it was in the 70's 2 days ago...it's 46F at this posting and that's supposed to be the high today.


Why you shouldnt eat icicles...

New post up in the Main blog. Things are gonna be super busy here right through Christmas so I may only be on long enough to read, comment, and then drop a little something just ya'll know Im breathing....


an off color one

New entry up in the Main Blog. Am thinking I wont be adding to the Padded Room until next year as things are too hectic right now.




I *finally* got the entry up that I was promising. I'll try and update again in a couple of days assuming we're not too busy here packing or whatever (this latter being the possibility of dying from exhaustion...)


Yeah Abe... I know the feeling...

Got a few things to do but will be in later to drop an entry.....


New entry up in the Main Blog.



Update in the Main blog. It may be Monday before I post again....we'll see how the next couple days go.


yesterday into today

Another blog entry up in the Main. Depending on how tired I am and what schedule I get assigned there could be another entry later tomorrow night.



Ok I remembered how to get rid of comments like that. Moderation is back off and the comment removed. Now if I can just remember the next time spam comes across my comments box....


Unfkn Real

Today...of all days....I get a call. A bite on all those damn apps I put out. I have an interview scheduled for 1130am. Yeah I know....

Will write more later.

EDIT 923pm (because Chicago's getting fussy with me in MSN about it): There's a new post in the Main Blog.......