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For anyone who was listening last night as I attempted to cover a friend's stream, this is why I bailed. I had *just* enough time to bail, shut the puter down and grab my camera (thank goodness for the video function on the bugger) before it was coming down this hard. The thunder was enough to shake my house and rattle the windows. Im so tired of this. You'll need to turn off the music and turn up the speakers to catch the sound. Unfortunately my mic only catches just so much. The first video is off the front porch, the second was taken about 2 minutes later out the back door. The hum you hear in the second video is the rain hitting the metal covering over the porch.


additional pictures of location

The following picture is about where we are. The closes "body" of water is a creek that is across the street and running on the back of their property over there. Needless to say if their yard starts flooding, Im running because I dont swim too good.

The next picture is where the nearest lake, White Rock Lake, is in relation to us.It has a few creeks that feed into it and the main creek was 4' over usual last night. They expect it to run 91' deep total by the time all this crap passes.

This last photo is us in relation to the next closest Lake, Lake Ray Hubbard. If any of them cause us trouble I half expect it to be Ray Hubbard.

Got a call from daddy to see how we were faring. I told him Ive take to checking between my toes for webs. He thought it was funny but reminded me to keep them up to date on it.

My Kingdom for an Ark!

There are new entries. One in the padded room and one in the main blog.

In other news:
I hope this map is large enough to see. I live in the upper righthand corner of Dallas County. TXSis (when she's home) is in Collin country somewhere.
Here is what's being posted on KDFW channel 4's web site:

Parker County Judge Mark Riley declared Parker County a disaster area Wednesday afternoon. He ordered the mandatory evacuation of residents living in the following communities along the Brazos River; Horseshoe Bend, Rio Brazos, Soda Springs, Hillbilly Haven RV Park and Lazy Bend Estates.

The disaster declaration and evacuation order were issued because of flooding along the Brazos River in Parker County, according to a press release from Judge Mark Riley.
Riley activated FirstCall, Parker County's emergency notification system. Through this system, calls are being made to residents in the affected areas letting them know of the mandatory evacuation order.

Parker County Emergency Management officials, Sheriff's Deputies, DPS, volunteer fire departments, and Parker County Search and Rescue are actively working and monitoring the situation, and assisting those who need help in evacuating.

State officials have notified Parker County that a fourth flood gate at Possum Kingdom Lake is likely to be opened. Because of this and more rainfall predicted for Wednesday, flooding along the Brazos River is expected to worsen.

Parker County officials will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. in Weatherford. FOX 4 news will bring you details on myFOXdfw.com.

Residents in other parts of the county in low-lying areas prone to flooding should closely monitor their situation and seek higher ground if flooding should occur.Officials are urging all residents in Parker County to not drive or wade into water. Both cars and people can easily be swept away.
Wednesday morning, street flooding was widespread in North Texas. Rescuers pulled the occupants out of a car that had filled up with floodwaters at Beltline and Alba Roads in Lancaster just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.The people in the car were safe. That intersection is one of many throughout North Texas that closed Wednesday morning due to high water.Another car was almost completely submerged at Tom Braniff and California Crossing in Northwest Dallas. Rescuers have found no sign of the driver. There was a child seat in the back and the sun roof was open when the car was found.--
myFOXdfw.com's Dallas/Fort Worth Weather Page
As of 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, there were eight closed intersections. They are: 4700 Block of HatcherCalifornia Crossing at LunaLuna at YTantor at XWildwood at California Crossing7400 Block of Merriman ParkwayWest Lawther at Northwest HighwayPark Central at LBJ
This county is 2 counties to my west. HOWEVER the creek feeding into the lake to my north east is swollen 4 feet HIGHER than usual. We are under a flood watch until noon tomorrow. I hope we dont lose power again.


June 26, 2007

Updates in the main blog as well as the Padded room.

Feeling kinda blue today. I'll be so glad when I get the stuff in my padded room done as it's making me miss my 4 legged kids so damn much. Only consolation I have is that I know they all went to good homes and are being well taken care of.


Stupid weather

It's bad out right now...I'll write more later. I just wanted to share these links with ya'll. One is of my niece reading a story ( you need to turn it up some as the camera's mic only captures so much ). This was taken the Friday we were on that trip up North for gramma's internment. Thank God for the video button on the camera and a large card! The other is a slide show my dad made of the pics from the luncheon and the internment.

Story Time

Pix of the internment

EDIT 12:55pm...wow that storm went fast. Good thing because I think Im starting to grow webs between my toes. Im so tired of the wet weather.

EDIT 342pm: Next entry is in the Padded Room. I miss Fizzi and Auggi *frowns*.


Catching Up

Ok there's an update in the main blog about Thursday and Friday's adventures.

I might get one put in the Padded Room today....havent decided. Ive been at this keyboard for several hours now and really need to get up and get somethings done around here. Maybe tomorrow....

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Today's running

Wont be at the computer most of the day. Hubby's home and we have a few places to go. There's a goodbye luncheon for a few of the people at work today (there's gonna be ALOT of those coming in the next few months because of what's going down there) and then we're going to go see The Fantastic Four movie.

Everyone have a nice day!

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Flooding in Texas

For those that have been wondering about the Texas floods....they were well to my west but much closer to my TxSis. Here is a link to see the pictures from the affected area:


Today's additions

Only thing in today is the final 2 entries from the 360 into the padded room. From here out there'll be only one entry consisting of approximately 2 days of entries from the hand written journal. These entries my not occur with too much frequencey as I tend to get headaches really bad while Im entering them. I hope this is helping someone....whether they're going through the same thing...or if it's someone that knows me and wonders why I behave as I do...I hope this explains it.

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Today's posts

The next two entries are in the padded room. Once I get the last two entries in (which will be tomorrow), there will only be one entry a day.

New entry in the Main blog too. Readers do me a favor, say a prayer (or light candles or whatever you feel inclined to do) for my brother. They have a need for them right now. Although the incident didnt happen to them, it's still a scary time considering that they have 2 little ones to protect as well as themselves. Thanks

EDIT 409pm central: The incident is at a close. Update will be edited into my Main blog.

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The next 2 entries are now in the Padded Room.

New entry in the main blog as well.

Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On Lyrics

Everyone have a nice day!


Happy Father's Day!

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I have the next 2 entries up in the padded room.

The Main blog also has a new entry.

I changed up the music (all but maybe 2 songs are different)...hope ya like it.

To all daddies out there (whether their kids are 2 legged or 4 legged) Happy Father's Day !!


Newest additions

There are 2 new entries in the Padded Room. I was debating whether or not to put 2 entries in as they get longer the more I write. I may just drop one of those a day just to make it easier on the reader. You'll notice a change in the colors too. The blue italicized sections are typed straight from the hand-written diary. The purple bold is the comments I made in the Yahoo360 blog when I originally typed it up. The default color is whatever I have to say regarding it now in this blog. I hope this helps keep things straight. It should unless you're colorblind, then you're fkd.

Update on yesterday's blog entry ( http://ladystyxbrain.blogspot.com/2007/06/just-doing-some-thinking.html ). I did manage to dig up the woman's email address out of an old email from someone else. I wish I had the snailmail as a tangible card would have been so much nicer. However, I did do the right thing and send her an ecard. Im not sure how well it was received although I did get a brief email saying thank you (nothing else but I cant ask for more than that with the way I treated her) which is more than I got from the other that I sent a snailmail card to. *shrugs* I know in my heart it was right to at least send her something. Now whether or not she wants to act on the thought is her choice.


Padded Room has 2 "new" posts

The next 2 installments of the Padded Room have been posted. At this rate I should be writing the new stuff in a week or less.

New entry in my Main blog too. Not sure how to handle what I discussed there. I know what's right to do in the one part so I'll be dealing with that tomorrow....assuming I can find an addy. My luck I probably pitched all I had regarding her and will simply just have to suck it up and leave her a message in her blog.

You want a good laugh? Go to my friend's blog for a funny story : http://makingsmallthoughtfulblogentries.blogspot.com/
It rivals right up with my squirrel story. If you havent heard it and want to let me know and I'll dig it up from my Yahoo 360 and post it. Otherwise I'll assume no one is interested and not bother.


Not much going on

Today is a slow day. Hubby's home and when he's here I dont write much. Only additions for today will be 2 entries in the Padded Room. Chicagolady was kind enough to pop my comments cherry in a couple entries so I have responded to those. Other than that it's a blah day with blah skies here.


Two new entries

I'm liking the way I can consolidate yet still keep my thoughts separate on this site. Once I get things up and running I may close that other account or use it strictly for feeds and reviews. There are two new entries in the Padded room. Im slowly getting things moved over. Slowly mostly because I dont want to scare people off with the size of the entries.


New Additions

If you look to your right, you'll notice I started up my LINKS section. Anything that's important to me will be found over there. Right now you'll see the following:

The Main Blog: This will contain what's going on in my life right now. Dr appointments, vehicle breakdowns, trips, what whatever else comes to mind.

Lady Styx's "ILuvMe" Padded Room: This blog contains my past history. Stories I remember from growing up and eventually the diary I started towards the end of my first marriage. When I finally complete the entries out of the diary I will be adding the communications I received from (and regarding) the jerk. I hope what I have to say here helps someone else out. If it's only to let you know that you're not alone.

My MySpace: Is just what it says. It's the link to my myspace where I keep the topic mainly to music. Since American Idol has completed for the season, the site's a bit slow there. Im hoping for RockStar to ramp up again this year.

What else...oh the music... I hope you like what I have playing. I only have it on this blog so if you want to listen to it and read the other blogs on my site you'll need to bookmark the additional links and double browse. I did it this way because not everyone likes the same music (I feel the same about the one blog I go to and it's got a country station on it...ugh).

Other news:
When on my trip to New York one of my layovers was in NYC and I saw this awesome Yankees tee in one of the gift shops so I picked it up for my gal in SC. She just called. It showed up yesterday. First thing she said was "Who's the best best friend in the whole world?". All I could answer was "ME" because I knew why she was calling.

A couple days ago my hubby called home and told me a buddy of his at work wanted to switch schedules for a while. Long story short...hubby works at TI and they're closing the plant he's working in and his release date is December 18th. As he's on a swing shift with 2 others, they'd decided to keep the shifts as is (his friend and one other on the night shift and hubby on days). In one way this sucks because of the wage differential (nights get more) but good because I have him home nights (I hate being alone at night). Well the trade will put him on nights for at least a month. I can understand why the buddy wanted to switch because he hadnt seen his wife (she works days) and wanted some time with her. I have mixed feelings on this.


You know what's sad?

You know what's sad? The fact Paris Hilton is in a maximum security prison while others who have done far worse are in less restrictive places. I by no means condone what she's done. Yes she deserves prison time. In a maximum security area? -No. Why do I think this? Let me tell you a true story.

I was once married to an emotionally and psychologically abusive man. We were married for 10 years. Yes, I agree it was my stupid fault for going through with the marriage and dumber still to stick around as long as I did, but that's another whole story which I may or may not get into later. When I finally got the backbone to leave, he attempted to track me down (can anyone say stalking?) and made all sorts of threats to get PIs to drag me home. When I *finally* was allowed to file for divorce (I had to wait 6 months in Texas before I could file), things got harder on me because I had a helluva time finding his butt. Why? Because in all the time I was waiting to file, he was doing the same damn thing to other women in his area. He got him arrested for 3 counts stalking and 5 counts of harrassment all with the intention to do harm ( his letters mentioned raping them and killing them at knife and/ or gunpoint). This man is in a MEDIUM security prison at this point ( http://www.cor.state.pa.us/inmatelocatorweb/ type in inmate # ga5517). If you click the link for the prison he's in (Coal Township) you can see what type of facility it is. This man who is definitely in worse mental state than Ms Hilton....in only medium security.

Paris, however, has been deemed to be dangerous enough to be placed in MAXIMUM security (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19158219/ read to about halfway down). Can anyone explain why? Like I said before, I do not condone her actions (nor the spoiled brat demonstration that's been on the news) BUT her actions to not scream to place her in a facility like she's in. The only thing I can think of is that they have the best medical and mental clinic there and that's why. If anyone else can explain why feel free to comment.



Welcome to my new corner of the web. You may remember me from last year when I was describing my wedding (and how it took 3-4 DAYS to get through the story). You may also remember I threw a hissy fit about someone else's blog and went *POOF*. Yes I was pissed and I personally think I had a right be such. I allowed a few on here to keep me away from this blog space but I have decided that I shall no longer allow the thought of certain others to keep me from what I enjoy doing the most. Thanks to an idiot of an ex husband, I had alot of issues that Im still having to deal with. Thanks to him keeping me boxed in during my formative years (those years where you are learning how to deal with other grown ups), the lessons I should have learned regarding adult social graces and tact (something I wasnt known much for anyhow) went unlearned. As such, I seem to go through a form of growing pains now and then. Gotta love them.