Stupid weather

It's bad out right now...I'll write more later. I just wanted to share these links with ya'll. One is of my niece reading a story ( you need to turn it up some as the camera's mic only captures so much ). This was taken the Friday we were on that trip up North for gramma's internment. Thank God for the video button on the camera and a large card! The other is a slide show my dad made of the pics from the luncheon and the internment.

Story Time

Pix of the internment

EDIT 12:55pm...wow that storm went fast. Good thing because I think Im starting to grow webs between my toes. Im so tired of the wet weather.

EDIT 342pm: Next entry is in the Padded Room. I miss Fizzi and Auggi *frowns*.


ChicagoLady said...

Very cute video of your niece reading the story! Your Dad did a nice job with the slide show of the internment pictures. Which one is he? I noticed your gramma was born in 1924...same year as my dad, lol. And I guess you never knew your grandad, since he died in '68. Hugssssssssss

LadyStyx said...

Thanks! The picture on the gravestone was their wedding photo. He was coast guard and she was army. The young man holding the boy in the second photo is my brother and the little one in his arms is my nephew. The fourth pic in...the man in the middle with the suspenders is daddy. The 5th pic...the lady on the left is a cousin (she's bro's godmom), the balding man in the center is my godfather (friend of the family) and the lady on the right is his wife (my godmom isnt his wife it's actually his sister and I dont see a pic of her in here....). Next pic in...the gal with the pink purse is bro's godmom's daughter.The first group shot of the table of people, the gal in red with the glasses is my bro's wife (the one Ive been referring to as my SIL). The older man in tan with the glasses I *think* is George. I cant remember how he fit in all this, I just remember he was important to gramma (gramma's sister's hubby's brother I think) and was close with her. The rest in the buffet section of the pix Im not sure about. I know most were relations of some form or another.

Nope, never knew grandad. I've always been told I came around at the right time as it gave gramma something else to focus on instead of the loss of her loved one.