Welcome to my new corner of the web. You may remember me from last year when I was describing my wedding (and how it took 3-4 DAYS to get through the story). You may also remember I threw a hissy fit about someone else's blog and went *POOF*. Yes I was pissed and I personally think I had a right be such. I allowed a few on here to keep me away from this blog space but I have decided that I shall no longer allow the thought of certain others to keep me from what I enjoy doing the most. Thanks to an idiot of an ex husband, I had alot of issues that Im still having to deal with. Thanks to him keeping me boxed in during my formative years (those years where you are learning how to deal with other grown ups), the lessons I should have learned regarding adult social graces and tact (something I wasnt known much for anyhow) went unlearned. As such, I seem to go through a form of growing pains now and then. Gotta love them.

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