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There are 2 new entries in the Padded Room. I was debating whether or not to put 2 entries in as they get longer the more I write. I may just drop one of those a day just to make it easier on the reader. You'll notice a change in the colors too. The blue italicized sections are typed straight from the hand-written diary. The purple bold is the comments I made in the Yahoo360 blog when I originally typed it up. The default color is whatever I have to say regarding it now in this blog. I hope this helps keep things straight. It should unless you're colorblind, then you're fkd.

Update on yesterday's blog entry ( http://ladystyxbrain.blogspot.com/2007/06/just-doing-some-thinking.html ). I did manage to dig up the woman's email address out of an old email from someone else. I wish I had the snailmail as a tangible card would have been so much nicer. However, I did do the right thing and send her an ecard. Im not sure how well it was received although I did get a brief email saying thank you (nothing else but I cant ask for more than that with the way I treated her) which is more than I got from the other that I sent a snailmail card to. *shrugs* I know in my heart it was right to at least send her something. Now whether or not she wants to act on the thought is her choice.

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