Two new entries

I'm liking the way I can consolidate yet still keep my thoughts separate on this site. Once I get things up and running I may close that other account or use it strictly for feeds and reviews. There are two new entries in the Padded room. Im slowly getting things moved over. Slowly mostly because I dont want to scare people off with the size of the entries.


ChicagoLady said...

LOVE the new site! Why are you complaining about country? Aaron Tippin is playing right now on yours! lmao

I LOVED reading about your trip to NY. I think your send off for your grandma was very appropriate. And the restaurant story was hysterical!

My motto whenever I fly anywhere...Always An Adventure! I have so few flights where everything goes smoothly with no hitches. I've learned to expect adventure when it comes to the airlines, lol.

LadyStyx said...
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LadyStyx said...

Thanks hun! I thought the theme was appropriate considering what had all happened before. As such my comments may just get kept here until I know that leaving them on your blog isnt going to cause more of the same later down the road. Last thing I want is trouble for you, me or anyone else.

Wasnt really complaining about country music per se, but song after song after song ad nauseum is a bit much for me. A couple songs here and there when they fit with the theme I have going is more than plenty in my opinion.

The trip was a blast, but way too short for my liking. I could have used another couple days for family time for sure. Especially since we wont be seeing each other again for almost a year. Somehow internet and phonelines just dont compensate for face to face time. That waitress...we began to swear she was related some how with the way she kept up.

Flying...*sigh*. I like the convenience in regards to getting somewhere faster but Im not so sure I enjoy it overall. Maybe if I insist we go first class nexttime. I like a bit of room to work with. We wont go into the yoga positions that a large person must go through to get the damn seat belt on.