You know what's sad?

You know what's sad? The fact Paris Hilton is in a maximum security prison while others who have done far worse are in less restrictive places. I by no means condone what she's done. Yes she deserves prison time. In a maximum security area? -No. Why do I think this? Let me tell you a true story.

I was once married to an emotionally and psychologically abusive man. We were married for 10 years. Yes, I agree it was my stupid fault for going through with the marriage and dumber still to stick around as long as I did, but that's another whole story which I may or may not get into later. When I finally got the backbone to leave, he attempted to track me down (can anyone say stalking?) and made all sorts of threats to get PIs to drag me home. When I *finally* was allowed to file for divorce (I had to wait 6 months in Texas before I could file), things got harder on me because I had a helluva time finding his butt. Why? Because in all the time I was waiting to file, he was doing the same damn thing to other women in his area. He got him arrested for 3 counts stalking and 5 counts of harrassment all with the intention to do harm ( his letters mentioned raping them and killing them at knife and/ or gunpoint). This man is in a MEDIUM security prison at this point ( http://www.cor.state.pa.us/inmatelocatorweb/ type in inmate # ga5517). If you click the link for the prison he's in (Coal Township) you can see what type of facility it is. This man who is definitely in worse mental state than Ms Hilton....in only medium security.

Paris, however, has been deemed to be dangerous enough to be placed in MAXIMUM security (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19158219/ read to about halfway down). Can anyone explain why? Like I said before, I do not condone her actions (nor the spoiled brat demonstration that's been on the news) BUT her actions to not scream to place her in a facility like she's in. The only thing I can think of is that they have the best medical and mental clinic there and that's why. If anyone else can explain why feel free to comment.

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