So THAT'S how it's done!

According to this, I just need a goodly amount of snow to take a plunge in....



fruit is fruit

Saw this while reading the comics today and instantly thought of all the nice people in blog-land who are attempting to perform "eating modifications" ( dont ever call it a diet... with diets you do without, eating modifications you can have, just within reason) during this holiday season.


today's picks

The last one isnt a funny per se (although it was in the funny pages) but I really liked it alot and hope it touches you as much as it did me.


today's picks

Hey iggy, look! I found the perfect tree for ya!

Hey, at least he cant say "chicken AGAIN??"


The second one was actually out of yesterday's comics...
Looks like seeing it from the tree's view is going to be the theme for this one strip this week. I hope so as it has potential to be really funny....


I know the feeling....

Everytime I get on the bugger, I swear that I should be lighter than it says I am.


So...what's wrong with this picture?

You might have to click to enlarge the photo to figure it out...
This is an ACTUAL cup that my hubby got from the company.....


the economy

I couldnt resist, sorry. Figured I'd better put ~something~ up before I got my medicine in me because we ALL know what has been happening THERE.

Had a restless night and even with being in bed for nearly 12 hours I slept ~maybe~ 4 or 5 of them...