today's picks

The last one isnt a funny per se (although it was in the funny pages) but I really liked it alot and hope it touches you as much as it did me.


ChicagoLady said...

Those are all cute. Even the last one, lol.

Intense Guy said...

I enjoyed the last one the bestest.


Pamela said...

Santa on google earth cracked me up.

Reminds me (everything always reminds me of something... ha)
of a conversation at work -- young co worker had to drive 60 miles for her dress fitting. She was worried that the bridge was being repaired and she didn't know the detour.

I suggested we look at the "road cams" that the state has on their website. We found it -- bridge was open.

Then I told her we even had two cams in the downtown area. So we pulled them up.

The camera had been moved from it's previous site and was now pointed at the square just opposite our office. On the web cam there was a woman sitting on the bench reading.

We looked up from the computer screen and there she was -- still sitting there.

We lol!