Signs of the times

Just a couple outta today's funnies. What a sign of our times when Old Father Time offers the incoming Baby New Year protective gear! Gonna be an interesting year folks.


Thank goodness it's over

Posted an entry in the Main last night. Took me a few hours to get it done as I was typing on the laptop in the livingroom while watching movies.
Saw the comic above today while reading the "educationals" and thought I'd share. Gotta go and get the rest of the craft stuff sorted and packed today. Everyone have a wonderful day.


I'm so glad...

...that Im not register trained and therefore CANNOT work the service desk or any of the returns registers because this is way too true.....



There are 3 up in the Main, real short I promise...not like that marathon one I posted last night. I also have 3 up in jokes. May be more later not sure yet as I have to pack my craft stuff tonight and I'd like to read a bit too.


World already in progress

Yeah...I still feel much like that. Nothing yet (possibly later but not sure yet) in the main blog as I've been busy taking down all the holiday decor from my web pages. Only have to deal with my Yahoo now. I figure Im going to be too busy after the New Year starts to deal with it and I certainly dont want to leave it up until February or later (dunno what kind of net service I'll have in corporate housing and dont want to wait until we get into our new digs). Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.

**EDIT 730pm** There is an entry up in the Main blog at this time.


Gonna be a long night

Punchline up in the Main Blog.
Saw this comic up a few days ago and meant to post it that day but forgot. I wonder why...never usually forget stuff like that. Yep it's gonna be a looooooooooooooooong day.....


If I wasnt so tired this would give me a great idea..

Some of you may have seen the pic in my MSN ava...here is the WHOLE picture.

A mini blog entry up in the Main area with the next part of the joke.

*sigh* Look at that temp>>>>>and it was in the 70's 2 days ago...it's 46F at this posting and that's supposed to be the high today.


Why you shouldnt eat icicles...

New post up in the Main blog. Things are gonna be super busy here right through Christmas so I may only be on long enough to read, comment, and then drop a little something just ya'll know Im breathing....


an off color one

New entry up in the Main Blog. Am thinking I wont be adding to the Padded Room until next year as things are too hectic right now.




I *finally* got the entry up that I was promising. I'll try and update again in a couple of days assuming we're not too busy here packing or whatever (this latter being the possibility of dying from exhaustion...)


Yeah Abe... I know the feeling...

Got a few things to do but will be in later to drop an entry.....


New entry up in the Main Blog.



Update in the Main blog. It may be Monday before I post again....we'll see how the next couple days go.


yesterday into today

Another blog entry up in the Main. Depending on how tired I am and what schedule I get assigned there could be another entry later tomorrow night.



Ok I remembered how to get rid of comments like that. Moderation is back off and the comment removed. Now if I can just remember the next time spam comes across my comments box....


Unfkn Real

Today...of all days....I get a call. A bite on all those damn apps I put out. I have an interview scheduled for 1130am. Yeah I know....

Will write more later.

EDIT 923pm (because Chicago's getting fussy with me in MSN about it): There's a new post in the Main Blog.......



2 new blog entries are now up. One was written yesterday morning and the other I just posted a few minutes ago.


new stuff

There is a new entry in the Main Blog today. It deals with the call we received at 330pm. I've also got some new decor up in there. I like it better than what I had up a day or so ago.



Catchin up

There's a new entry in the Main Blog


Hot News...this just in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok straight up....praying people pray, candle lighters light candles...good thoughts please!!!!

This morning approximately 10am hubby got a phone call from a company. He's already talked to the HR guy and they're going to have a lead in "etch" call him back. The company is located in Manassas Virginia. *crossing fingers*

EDIT 312pm. 2pm the etch leader called and they talked for a while. Sounded like he was testing hubby's knowledge bigtime. Hubby's a nervous sort and I heard ALOT of ummms before the answers would come out of his mouth. Much of what they were discussing is stuff hubby learned 11 yrs ago but hasnt really had to use (kinda like someone learning to be an auto mechanic and ending up doing a supervisor's job). I hope this wasnt a drawback. At least he was honest with the dude and said he gets nervous sometimes...like now. Hubby's giving this a 50/50 shot. He didnt feel as confident with this phone call as he did with the first one.


Saturday entries

3 entries in the main blog...a couple are pretty long. Well there's 2 there now and Im headed back in to write another before heading to bed.


Has it really been a week and a half?

New blog entry in the Main area. Added 4 more funnies to the Jokes area. I think that's all Im gonna do today to be honest. I have apps to fill out but I think I'll do those while watching tv tonight (thank goodness for a laptop).

Welcome to the newbies on my site. Feel free to wander all the links I have available on the side there.


Lotsa stuff today

Took down my countdown today. The Bo vids and music will stay up until tomorrow or the next day depending on when I get back in to deal with it.

New pictures up in the craft area. The latest 2 plaques were finished this week and if I could manage to get my crack outta this chair and the fingers away from the keyboard (it'd be much easier if hubby would just bring Bo home today), then I could get the other 2 done. I gotta finish them because the next project is a holiday gift for a dear friend of mine. She's been having a rough time with an abusive sot of a spouse the last few months and managed to get away from her problems faster than I could mine. The last thing I made for her was a wedding gift and I really want her to have something that was mad strictly for her and not the union.

Added 4 more jokes in the one other section of my blogs. They're probably ones you've seen before but that's ok. Im trying to remember to add to that page daily.

The main blog has pix up too and an entry for today. Oh and yes, that's a new background on there...I was tired of the denim material.

I even put an entry in the Padded Room. It's not as bad as some that I have written lately, infact this one has a good memory in it for a change.

Oh and I forgot to add in today's entry....hubby sent home an article yesterday. Looks like TI's closing another plant in Tuscon. Like I told Chicago last night, they may as well rename the company at this rate because it doesnt look like it's going to be in Texas too much longer. They keep calling it T.I. and it isnt based in Texas...well that's false advertising. Maybe P.I. since they're moving alot of what they're doing to the Phillippines....or maybe M.I. for Malaysia..... *shrugz*


just something funny

Saw this as I was going through today's comics and couldnt resist.

Got a new entry up in the Main blog and a new link at the top of this page for Bo's cd.

Gotta split and try to thaw out some so I can get those apps done for this week.


Bo fix early and updates

Ok I got a new post in the Main Blog and a few more jokes in the Jokes area. Eventually I will get all of them out of my inbox I swear!

I've finished a couple more horse plaques and will post the pictures in a day or so.

There's a new link to the right....my friend has his own website now. Im so excited for him!

Im putting in the last Bo video a day early simply because Im thinking of keeping the computer shut off tomorrow and actually reading or painting some more. Maybe I can get those last 2 pieces done so I can work on a Christmas gift for my friend. I suspect she may try and surprise me with a little somethin somethin for the holiday.

Bo Montage done to Sexy Back


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second attempt at posting the Bo vid

Some of you may have been in yesterday and saw this Bo video already but last night it wasnt working right and it looked like it had been removed off the sponsoring site. As such I removed the entry because there was no sense in keeping the entry up if the vid wasnt working. Anyhow, I just found that it was put back up on the site and so I've put it here for your enjoyment. If by tonight it's pulled back off, just check back tomorrow and scroll to the bottom of my page as I have a new player there and it's supposed to be making its debut in that site's player.

Bo Bice's new vid Witness


Is it October 23rd yet???

Ohhh we're so close to the release date I can almost see that cd in my hot little hands. *hot flash*

Ok sorry about that. So....

Im just a tad excited.

Added more to the joke area and will be drafting an entry for the main blog which will be posted later. I know it's going to take a while to get it written and I see Blogger is taking a 10 minute break for maintenance in less than an hour. I just know it's gonna take me longer than that to type it all out. Last thing I want to do is write it all in here and lose it at the last second.

Ohhhh Fix time! Today's (and next week's) are not Bo songs but are tribute pieces done by a couple of fans. I hope you like them.

Something Special (a tribute video for Bo Bice....some ~nice~ pix in this one!)

Something Special

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Yes Im alive

Just havent felt like writing lately. I was asked a question a few days ago and have yet to figure out if the answer I gave her was correct. While I figure out what I really wanted to say I thought I'd drop in and leave a little something I found in my friend's MySpace blog. I'll try and get an entry done in the next day or so assuming it doesnt get busy over here.

It comes from an article talking about the right brain vs the left. Here's the
link if you want to read the article.

For those wondering, yes...I am in my right mind... :)


This week's Bo Fix

I dont really feel like posting an entry today but as I was changing out my tunes on my MySpace (he's got the pimp spot this week) I remembered it was the day to put up some more Bo vids. This week we have 3. All are vids from the Oxygen Christmas special a couple years back. Reminder to the anonymous posters that get this in their Bo searches....yes I know when the album's out and what it's called. No need to leave an ad on my page regarding this. Any comments drooling over him, however are very much welcome ;).

Bo Bice & Joan Osborne : Baby It's Cold Outside (done at the Oxygen Christmas Special) (volume is low, you'll need to turn it up some) *is it hot in here?*

You're Everything (done at the Oxygen Christmas Special)(volume is low, you'll need to turn it up some)*ohhh God to be a leopard print thong*

Merry Christmas Baby (done at the Oxygen Christmas Special)


Lotsa stuff today

There are more jokes in the Joke area. Typically I put around 4 entries in there when I add. Some of it's pretty off color though....fair warning.

The Padded Room has an entry. It deals with the last part of the injury I was talking about and the final part of being at that school. I'll be moving on to the next job with the next entry. There's more about that leg coming up in a future entry.

I also wrote in the Main Blog. That entry took me 3 days to write because Ive been so depressed over here about things. Looks like Im headed into a new part of my life soon. Im not sure if Im really ready to handle this and Im afraid of flashbacks hitting during an important moment. Maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe it's just what I need to get past some of the hurt. Who knows.

A decision has been come to and entered into the Journey Page. It's taken me a couple days to come to this but I feel it's for the best right now. This will be the last entry there for a while. When things start looking up I may start writing in there again so I wont be taking it down, just placing it on hold for a bit.


Today's updates, Bo Bice videos

Ok, I've added a bunch more jokes to the Jokes page. Im trying to remember to give credit to the people I got them from...sometimes I forget though.

I finally put a new entry in the Padded Room. Although it doesnt reflect it, I actually started that one on the 19th of September. I just couldnt bring myself to get it done.

I actually had an entry for the Main Blog but this Blogger Bitch froze up on me and I lost half the entry. Personally, I dont feel like typing the last half again right now...I might later but right now all I wanna do is flip off the 'puter which is a good sign I need to just get up and away from it. If Im not still pissed off later I might post it, if not it could be tomorrow or later (of course with the way I've been feeling I may just dump the damn entry too *shrugz*). Maybe I just need to go out and get some sun.

Ohhh I forgot to post this week's Bo vids so they are below. Again we have 2. Next week I'll post all the nice Christmas ones...yeah I know wrong time of year but :P~~~

Oh...and the anonymous posters (this time around they are the Bice fanatics), I suggest you look at my page and note that I have a banner up AND a countdown to Bo's new cd so yes Im very well aware when it comes out. YES, I already posted a link for the samples last week so there is no need to post it in my comment section. NO I have not put the cd name out there but it IS on the link for the samples but incase anyone forgot it's called See the Light and it's got some awesome tracks on it. So please dont be leaving what amounts to an ad on my page regarding it. That's spam and I hate spam. Spam just makes me really snarky and Im sure you dont want that. Now if you wanna leave a nice comment about the vids or how excited you are to get the cd, that's another story completely and drooling over the man is welcome :) . All I ask is ya mop up afterwards so no one slips! Lainie, this means you too luv. ~grinz evilly~

Oh...before I forget....reminder to Chicago to turn the player at the bottom OFF before viewing the videos. Im pretty sure Bo aint gonna match up with alotta that music down there this week either.....

Gimme Back My Bullets w/ Lynard Skynyrd (check out those pants on Bo!! Damn to be in the front row when he pulled the Capt Morgan stance....)

Gimme Back My Bullets

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Call Me the Breeze w/ Lynard Skynyrd

Call Me The Breeze

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Hell yeah Im ready....

EDIT SEPT27 @1106AM: This note added for the benefit of Chicagolady who "always will need step-by-step instructions" (her words, not mine).....In the entry below you will be required to scroll to the bottom of the home page to TURN OFF the player BEFORE playing the videos. Bo's songs dont match up with Harry n the rest in the player. ~grinz~ Oh and the videos are meant to be watched ONE AT A TIME, not simultaneously. While we're leaving directions...this link below will take you to another site....I suggest clicking each separately (and only clicking the next one when you're finished listening to the previously chosen clip) and then using the OPEN option and not save as they arent the whole song, just a 1 minute or so snippit of each. I hope this edit has made your life easier ;).

Entry starts below the line of *



One minute snippits of the songs on the new album. Hell yeah Im ready for this one and time simply CANNOT pass fast enough so I can get my hands on this cd.

Double videos posted this week because I think I forgot last week. The last one I remember posting is the one before 911. Oopsie. Just been a little sidetracked here. Dunno why, nothing much is going on.

Blades of Glory (leave it to Bo Bice to make a cheesy, made-for-movie song actually sound halfway decent...)

Blades of Glory - Bo Bice

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Doesnt Remind Me

Bo Bice Doesn't Remind Me

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Not much today

Cant get this song outta my head.....evidentally someone I know needs to hear it today so I looked up a video for it. Shame there isnt a video with him performing the song. Must've been awesome in concert. Anyhow, I guess this'll just have to do. Whomever needed to hear this...this one's for you.



Just droppin in

There's a new blog in the Main Blog area. No I havent finished the one for the Padded Room yet *sigh*. I think that one might get finished this week sometime. I have a new area up. I decided to go ahead and make a section to post all those jokes in just so I can get them out of my inbox. There's a possibility I may add another page later with some other stuff that's just sitting around and cluttering things up.



I've got a now post in the Main Blog and Ive got one in draft mode in the Padded Room. Not sure if I'll actually get that finished today to be honest. I've gotten so I dont want to deal with that particular subject right now.I know there are at least several more entries at least before I can move on to other stuff regarding to that issue. Ah well.

I'd rather paint though. Ive got mp3s in my check file to review also....

Oh the video is the recent KT Tunstall single off her new album that releases today. *WOOT*


Yesterday and Today

Update on hubby in the Main Blog......

Here's a video of the song I used as my closer last week as performed on Jimmy Kimmel's show last year.


This week's Bo vid

Havent been feeling good this week. It's to be expected and I'll get over it. I've already blogged the why in my Journey blog. Top that with alot seemingly going wrong at the same time, well other issues kicked in because Im high strung. I need a vacation. Im headed into the Main Blog to post a small entry. As Tori's (and others Im sure) noticed, I may say a small blog now, but it'll end up being longer than expected. As such I'll just say Im going over there and who knows how long the bugger may be.

As promised, Im posting another Bo video for the week. This week's Bo video, I dont think I could have timed better. As I was perusing the Bo vids I wanted to post I had lined this up for the second week. I hadnt been paying attention to the calendar as I was getting them in order, just putting them in what I thought would be a good order to show them in. Imagine my surprise that it falls on a very appropriate week.

American Blood montage: Put together by the person that runs the Bo Bice Fan Base on MySpace.

American Blood - Blubird cafe acoustic version

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entries n vids

Ok I have two entries done for today. I figured I'd better before Chicagolady called Chuck Norris and sicced the Texas Rangers on me (actually, would that ~really~ be a bad thing?). There's one in the Main Blog and one in the Journey Room. Nothing in the Padded Room as I simply cant bring myself to write in that one for now. I've hit one of those patches where that blog just gives me a migraine.

Anyhow, as many have noticed from my Home Page, Im really excited that Bo's *FINALLY* putting out another cd. From the rumors this one is going to be awesome. As such, Im going to celebrate and post one video (or 2-3 if I find some really good ones) each week on this page. Some you may have seen, some you may not have. It all depends on how much of a fanatic you are...


Voodoo Child done at an American Idol concert in 2005. Video quality does NOT do this performance justice (I went to one of the concerts that year).



I got this from a dear friend of mine today. I've since sent it on to those who I have email addies for. For the rest of you Im posting it here.

Thought for the day...


Friends are like butt cheeks.
Crap might separate them,
But they always come back together.
Send this to all your butt cheeks.

Thanks for all my buttcheeks out there...you've been really supportive and I appreciate you immensely!



The only entry today is in the Main Blog area. I've done some freshening of a couple layouts too. That's about it for today.


just a quick note

Hubby just called from work and said he's on the way home. There are 2 posts today. One in the Main Blog and a real quickie (*WHOOT*) in the Journey Blog. Gotta go get ready because hubby will be here shortly and I still gotta get into some decent clothes!

Thanks for all the nice comments on the new look. I really appreciated them.

Hope everyone had a great day.


this is the only entry today

Hubby's got that appointment today. Will edit this post when we get home.

Checked online at WalMart to see what the medicine is that was called in and I was right, it's Prometrium. God I hope she called in for pills and not the suppository that I see it also comes in. *UGH* Looks like this drug is going to make me sleepy. Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep in for a change.

EDIT: 543pm Looks like hubby's doing well. He's not in pain so they're adopting the "wait n see" position again. He still has to pan for stones for the next 2-3 weeks and has another appointment the day before his sinus surgery in September. At that point, they'll do another CT scan on him. He also said something about the dr explaining that some stones are visible via xray and some arent. Unfortunately hubby has the kind that arent and that's why they need to do the CT scan on him. Ah well.



Not much to say today. Got a couple updates. There's a blog entry in the Journey Room. I've freshened the look to the Main Blog too. Let me know what you think.

EDIT: 615pm. I got two of the horse plaques done and their pictures are up in the Craft Corner.


Todays Entries

One each in the Padded Room, The Main Blog and in the Journey Room.

Waitin on a call from the obgyn so I may end up editing the Journey Blog later today. Im not sure on that one.


Too good not to share

I shared this in email with a few of my usual readers but thought I'd put it in here.

A distinguished young woman on a flight from Ireland asked the Priest beside her, "Father, may I ask a favor?"

"Of course my child. What may I do for you?"

"Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs limits, and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it through Customs for me? Under your robes perhaps?"

The priest answered: "I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie."

"With your honest face, Father, no one will question you"

When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her. The official asked, "Father, do you have anything to declare?"

"From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare."

The official thought this answer strange, so asked, "And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?"

"I have a marvelous instrument designed to be used on a woman, but which is, to date, unused."

Roaring with laughter, the official said, "Go ahead, Father." Next!

That shared, Im gonna go to bed now. There may not be a post for a couple days as I anticipate things are going to be slow here tomorrow and not much is going on except my PT on Friday.


answers and today

Sorry the post is late. Im like totally dead tired right now. It's been a long day as I was up a good 6 hours or more before Im used to and things were rough.... well rough for a highly strung person. I actually started writing in the main blog around 225pm or so and fell asleep after one paragraph so I went in for a nap. I didnt wake up til 530pm and started to get it finish. Then while I was moving the one pic I lost the first paragraph and had to rewrite it so it's taken a bit longer to get this posted than anticipated.

Thanks Alice for pointing out that one song. I got it fixed. When in doubt always use the file from the artist's own page or a properly spnsored page ;).

Thanks for all the nice comments on the decor in the Journey to Parenthood room. I love the feel of the room too and I look forward to putting more entries in there soon. I may end up changing the decor in the Main Blog to something similar.... possibly even this home page eventually. Not the Padded Room though...I dont think I'll ever change that dark feel in there.

Oh and I made sure to answer most of the questions in my comments as per my usual. So yes, there is a bit of reading in some cases.

EDIT on 08/16/07 @ 305pm: I know I said I wasnt going to write but I found an interesting article that I posted the link to in the Journey page.


New Update

Ok, this just in. Hubby called. He said they took more blood from him, a urine sample and did more xrays. We have to be there for his appointment at 530am. The procedure is supposed to start at 630am (the time delay is so he can be sedated) and will last an hour. God willing, he should be ready to come home around 8am. They'll have him on a couple meds for a few days (an antibiotic and pain killer Im guessing) but he should be pretty much "normal" by late afternoon when the sedation meds wear off. He'll need to stay with his feet elevated for a bit. I didnt understand why when hubby was trying to tell me over the phone. Anyhow, that's where we stand right now.

In other news, I've been a busy gal this morning. I was up at 7am when he got up and after he left started working my blogs. There are 3 entries today. One each in the Padded Room, the Craft Shack and the Journey to Parenthood area. As always, fair warning on the JTP blog...TMI due to content and subject matter.


Important Update and not so important stuff

Didnt hear from the urologist by 3pm today so I beeped hubby and had him call them. They were *just then* working on his scheduling. *sigh* I wont go there I promise. Ya'll know how I feel about this dang mess. Anyhow he's due in tomorrow (Tues) at 9am for pre-op stuff. Wednesday morning at 630am he goes in for the procedure. We need prayers this procedure is better than the 80% effectiveness we were quoted. Surgery means time off and we all know what that means (oohhh I promised not to go there...sorry). He does have an option if he needs surgery though. He was telling me his boss had mentioned if they'd (him n his boss ) had thought of it they would have put him on "short term" disability...this way he wasnt missing out on any pay and he could have the time off. Crossing my fingers he doesnt need that and if he does the option is still available.

On not so important news...you'll find two new links to the right. Im still working on the decor to the one area but there is an introduction entry in already. I'll put last Thursday's adventure to the obgyn in there tomorrow. The other link is to a crafting area. Im thinking about a jokes page too, simply as a place to put all those emailed jokes I get. It'd beat leaving them in my email inboxes....unless that's being done by someone already....


Just another lonely Sunday

Nothin special today. Havent decided if I want to work on the computer or not. I know I dont really feel like typing. Sometime in this next week I'll be adding a couple new sections... one for crafts and one for that other I discussed the other day.

Hubby went to work today. He's still in pain. Havent had a call from him yet. No news should be good news right?

No One Lyrics


the rest of today...

The post dealing with the rest of today is in the main blog. Wont be adding one to the Padded Room because Im really too pissed off to write anymore today. HMOS and drs...really gotta love them. Just told hubby anything goes wrong Im sueing the shit out of everyone involved....starting with the insurance company.

Just a couple quick updates

My newest gal showed up yesterday. She's the pretty one on the right. The Geppeddo one I mentioned before is the little one in front of her with the pink hat.

On the medical front: Yesterday hubby called the dr in the morning. Damned if it wasnt afternoon before they called. He was told to report to the radiology department at the dr's office for a CT scan of his belly. We get there and are informed that the insurance wont cover a scan from there but to take our paperwork to the hospital (which is merely the next building over) and get the scan there. Ummm, these people are in the same "group" so why cover the one office and not the other? At least the dr's office worked with us and found a loophole so the scan would be covered (stupid insurance companies and their damn friggin hoops ya gotta jump through). So we go to the hospital and get the scan done and we're informed that it'd be 30 minutes before it's ready to go on home and the dr would call. We figure 30 minutes is going to be after the dr's office closes so we swung by the Wendy's around the corner from our house to pick up something to bring home for dinner. We arrived home at 10 minutes until 5pm. The dr office had already called not 5 minutes before we arrived home (10-15 minutes after the scan was done). Called them right back and ended up on hold for over 20 minutes and said :P~~ on that. They called this morning (early too, @ 830am...) and said to watch for fever and extreme pain. If he had either to go straight to the emergency room. Looks like he's not going to pass this on his own as it's a whopper at 12 millimeters in size. They said they're going to "try" to get him in to thurologist today. Try??? This man's been on meds since MONDAY! I think if someone comes in with that amount of pain you should just automatically send them for a scan the same day. Then he wouldnt be off work for as long... mind you hubby is paid by the hour and makes a substantial amount per hour so every day lost is a HUGE bite out of the check. He worked only 1 day this week... 14 hours maximum. My luck they wont call until Im in my PT appointment. Lord I need a drink.....

The phone just rang, it's the dr office. He has a 2pm at the urologist.

Oh and Alice, that post option thingy....I never noticed. Thanks for the heads up!


Just a couple funnies

I didnt sleep so well last night so Im not really much up for writing. However, while I was reading through my emails I came across a couple comics that I figured I'd share. The one with the dog came into my email the day after I commented on Chicago's blog regarding the post with the kids in the pool. With all the rain we'd had, maybe I should have taught Katy (the chihuahua) to reply like that. The other reminds me of working at Toys R Us when the PS2's came out and how I needed a bodyguard or three to deliver them from the receiving area to the front of the store where the electronics department was located.

Everyone have a wonderful day.


catching up

Yes, Im alive. Just had something on my mind and I think it's what has been making me not want to write. Who knows.

Padded Room has one entry. I talk about CrossCreek Drive here.

The Main Blog has 2. The one labelled Sociopaths is a bit deeper than I usually get but it's been on my mind since I saw this one segment on a talk show. The one before it talks about my PT, shopping on Amazon, and my trip to Tyler to see Squint. I didnt get into the obgyn appt as it was alot of TMI and Im thinking it'll be better suited to a blogspot all it's own through this account so be watching for that in the next day or two. I need ideas for a good name though. This new section will house the obgyn appointments (with a standing TMI warning) and any dr appts that deal with getting ready for having our first child (and if we manage to be successful the 9 month journey to parenthood).

GTG...hubby's home with kidney stones. He came home from work around 1030am. I guess he left work at 830am and went straight to the dr's office. This pretty much tells me he's in serious pain as I havent had to nag him to go and get it looked at. If it (or they...we dont know how many at this point) isnt passed by Weds the dr said he goes in for scans and possible hospitalization to have them removed. Damn we're falling apart here.


Just a heads up

Wasnt really going to post today but I just thought I would give a heads up for those were Constantine Maroulis fans during season 4's American Idol competition. I saw while I was in MySpace today that he has a new cd coming out on 08/07/2007. If the rest of the music on it is anything like the one song he has posted on his myspace account then it would be worth a listen. Ive been to Amazon already and they didnt have any previews.

A forgotten event

Looks like I was writing as Chicago was reading in some cases. LOL. Thing is I was going to do them early this afternoon and we had some thunder boomers go through. Then when they stopped I was getting into Hell's Kitchen and of course when I get into one of my shows you can forget me doing anything computerwise...even if I have the laptop in the livingroom. Oh hell I wont even talk on the phone during those times. Man, I hope the nanny whips that executive chef's ass. I really wanted the short order cook though...*sigh*. Maybe next time.

Made some changes to both the Main Blog and the Padded Room. Got a new picture up and tweaked the font colors. The quote on the top of the Padded Room is from a myspace of a friend of my hubby's. Thought it was very appropriate for the topic.

Today's entry in the main blog is a forgotten event from Thursday. Ya'll remember I mentioned a dr's appointment on that day right? Go figure I can remember the name , description and personality of every one of the cats I had as an adult but damned if I can remember what happened to me two days prior. I see Chicago laughing at this as we had that conversation Sunday night. She made the mistake of asking if I remembered them all....and I did. Every. Last.One. With one minor little glitch at who got left behind in Louisiana. Maybe it was all the trauma of seeing the scopes on the table and knowing one of them were going to get shoved up my nose....

Rihanna Lyrics


new stuff and entries

Today we have two new entries. One in each of the usual spots. Ive also added a search feature to each blogspot that should work for each particular blog area. I've also added a Suduko puzzle for my readers to play with if they so choose. The slideshow is a few pix of the stuff I've painted. Basically, it's there to see if the embedding works here like it does in Myspace...thankfully it does. Alice this is what I was telling you in your blog hun.

Everyone have a nice day!


Yeah, so, I feel like writing today

I have 2 entries in the Main Blog and one in the Padded Room. Some reason I felt like writing today. This picture is one of the several butterflies that have been visiting as of late. You can see what I meant about the flash in the one main blog entry.


You know ya made it big when ya make it into the comics

I normally dont read this comic but the Nos in the first one caught my attention and I just had to read it. So I wonder how many households are going through this this week?

There are entries in the Padded Room and the main blog today. Didnt really feel like writing but figured I'd better. Last time I stopped that one particular blog it took months and a move to another area to get me back into it again. With all that happened in there, Im wondering if a shot of Eternal Sunshine wouldnt help me out some.



New entries in the Padded Room and the main blog.

Not much going on. Same ole Same ole.


the rest of the results

I called the doctor late yesterday and asked after my CT scans. Like I told the nurse, it was done on July5th and I havent gotten a form back yet. We got my hubby's and he was scanned on that same day. The doctor called back today and said that yes there was a slight deviation in the septum. Being a tiny deviation was good news....the bad news is that it doesnt seem to be the only problem. She says there's alot of gunk up in there due to drainage problems and that she feels we need to send me to an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist). Doc didnt say anything about polyps but the nurse had said earlier (nurse called at 1030am and dr at 3pm) there could be a cyst up in there. My dr wants a second opinion before we do anything.

New entry in the padded room. Not much else is going on today.


Dad's idea of a joke

I got a package from the folks in California today. Inside were a vhs, dvd, some perfume samples (mom works for Gottchaulks) and the following:

I get the impression he misses me. LOL


Today's writings

Today feels like a Pandora's Box kinda day. I have 3...yes I said 3 entries for the day. One is in my Padded Room. This one deals with the next section and also goes into an episode that came to mind when my back started bothering me today. Damn flashbacks. At least it's drawn attention to me as to what the possible cause of my back pain is.
I also have 2 entries in the Main Blog. One is the same ole general stuff and the other is a memory I had from last night. Should one explore what could have been on those Roads Not Travelled? Should one really be as curious as Pandora? We all know what happened to her (if ya dont...time to Google it). Then of course, she opened the box not once but twice and with the second opening she released Hope as well as all the Troubles (they did a mass exodus upon the first opening).
Now if you'll excuse me, this Pandora's gonna open that box in the 'frige labelled Sangria.....


Another sunny day

We have another sunny day. The weather's saying we're gonna get rain today though. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow. No time for an entry in the padded room right now. I may do one later, I havent decided yet. There is one in the main blog though. I gotta run a couple errands (hubby forgot he wanted coffee while we were out yesterday and Im craving chocolate icecream) and need to be back for my stream tonight. I got 70's queued up.


Just a quick note

We've got new posts in the other two areas today. Not much else. Have a beautiful sunny moment so maybe I'll pop out for a bit. Never know how long it's gonna last anymore especially after yesterday. Damn weather. There was a line of storms to my north yesterday and I had just told a friend, "so long as the wind dont shift like the other day we should be fine...I mean how often do those buggers come from the north"...just hung up with her and damned if one didnt fire up right over head from outta nowhere. It didnt last but an hour or so and was mostly noise, but still enough to keep us offline for a bit.


Just another day

I know by this pic it doesnt really look like it but the "kids" really do get along well. The dog is just a tad hyper for the cat's tastes sometimes. Dharma's (kitty) claws might be splayed in the picture but she never once has used them against KatyLou (my furniture, on the other hand....). Katy's about 10 pounds so Im guessing Dharma's around 12. Katy's hubby's holy terror and is usually quiet - until daddy gets home then it's like a racetrack in my hallway.
There are new entries today in each of the other areas.
Man I need a cuppa tea...oh wait...I've gone decaf havent I? *sigh* Maybe a Pepsi....


A 50/50 day

What strange weather we have today. My desk is one of those ones that sits in a corner. It's positioned where I can look out of one of two windows at almost any given time (unless Im typing then all I see are the keys...). Today at one point I looked out the one to my left and it was cloudy and dreary...I turned and the other had the sun shining brightly. Go figure. Ive already had 2 thunderstorms and a rain shower run through here in the time Ive been at my desk doing my emails and my blogs.

Ive got 2 new entries in. One in the padded room and a funny story in the main blog. Well...umm it's funny for me. I dunno how everyone else will see it. I need to tell more stories about that school. As much as I was unhappy with my own personal Lord Voldemort (read as my now ex...I hear ya chuckling at that reference over there Tori!!), I did have some good times at that school.

Oh..thank you Chicago for the weather idea. I had seen it before on your page and thought about how cool that was. The more I thought about it, the better I liked...so I snuck the idea.


back to SSDD

Only entry today is in the padded room. It's a short one because I dont feel good and there wasnt much that went on in that particular location.

Today I awoke to thunder and grey skies again. Not sure if we got rain but some parts west got up to 3-4 inches worth. The one lake is now leaking over it's dam and is expected to crest over it tonight sometime. Thunder was off and on all day.

Missed the band I wanted to see last night because hubby's work had problems. In the time he would have left to pick me up he was beeped no fewer than 6 times (in a 30 minute period) plus the duty phone was ringing like no tomorrow. I told hubby he damn well owes me an overnight trip next time the band hits Tyler. Maybe I can get him to make it a short weekend trip. Ahh well.


Sun-ny day...

... Sweepin' the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get how to get to...."

Ok... *giggles* after Chicago was singing to me in the last couple comments I could NOT resist that. Aint that a damn cute pic of Elmo though?

..oO(ok, who all's got that running through their heads and wants to kill me now? LOL)

New posts in the main blog and the padded room. Still havent decided what road Im going with the padded room stuff yet so please be patient.

EDIT 4pm. Hubby's up and helped me get the pix I mentioned in the main blog off of the camera.

The grass shot shows 1 week's worth of growth. The strip by the garage mowed down to show the difference.
This second picture is the day I got today. The sky is so blue it actually shows up AS blue in the pic without having to run it through anything special. Maybe we just had alot of pollutants in the air the other day.


New changes due to all the rain

The DFW municipalities have adopted a new construction code. Below is an artist's conception picture of the new codes being put into effect.


Star Spangled Banner video

This was sent to me in a bulletin on my MySpace. I hope you enjoy it.

Add to My Profile | More Videos

A really short entry

Saw this pic a couple years back while making a banner for a friend and just loved the look of it.
Happy 4th of July everyone!


OMG...we saw sun!

Two days in a row...at least 2-3 hours worth yesterday and for a good portion of the day today! I hope it dries up a little. At least til the mushrooms go away. Ew.

Last entry from the handwritten journal is in the padded room. Havent decided where Im going to head with it yet. Give me a couple days. I may just take random memories from each of the hells I was in with that creep.

There's a new entry in the main blog with pictures from today. OMG we actually had SUN !! Free Vitamin D for everyone!! Man I wish I had a heavy duty chair so I could go out and enjoy it. Do a little needle work or read or something. Im sure the pooch would love it too.

Well gotta go...gotta scan this pile of news papers on my desk. Such old news I may just say :P~~ on it and work on my photo album instead. In any case I want at least a half of one of these piles GONE today.

Oh...before I forget...a friend sent me this link. If anything, it's a fun way to kill a few moments. When you open the link -- a series of about 12 pictures will come up -- click on a photo in that category that most appeals to you. Just continue to keep picking the pics that appeal to you after reading the category. At the end it will give you a profile of yourself .



Well thanks to Chicagolady singing in the last comment...I managed to see 2-3 hours of sun today. Since I responded to her comment, though, it's clouded over and rained- TWICE. With more to come. Maybe I should leave her singing next time and not respond...maybe THAT'S the trick.

Entries in the padded room and the main blog. The main blog is just a joke a friend sent in email that is just too good not to share. It's so hard to find one I havent read yet. I was typing the padded room entry between storms so please forgive the lateness....well the storms and a long distance call from my SCSis (who sent me the joke in the main blog).

Alice, I know you're probably reading this....I am praying today found a better day than yesterday and will find an even brighter tomorrow.


More adjustments

Here it is, nearly 4pm and I've still yet to see any sun today. The Dallas Morning News. is showing a line of storms headed for me *again*. Did I mention Im beginning to hate this weather? Oh...I did...sorry. Like I said last night, if it was overly dry, I'd bitch about the foundation and grass... since it's wet it gives me another whole line of complaints. Ok...let's just be honest...Im just a miserable person all around. If you dont believe me, ask some of my friends...

I added a few new links to the right. Please feel free to explore. Heads up though, when going to Michael's vlog and the Whatthebuck Show...dont be eating or drinking as he's quite funny. Dont say I didnt warn ya. Oh, and YES he's very gay...it aint an act.

I also refreshed the music player some. Kinda had to because some of the links stopped working. I really should just find a hosting site and put some of my files on the web. Then I wouldnt have to worry about whether or not the links were working on any given day.

There wont be an entry in the padded room today. I simply dont feel like typing one. Plus with the storms headed my way I highly doubt I could get a full entry in before having to bail. There is, however, a new one in the regular blog area.


Just a sample

For anyone who was listening last night as I attempted to cover a friend's stream, this is why I bailed. I had *just* enough time to bail, shut the puter down and grab my camera (thank goodness for the video function on the bugger) before it was coming down this hard. The thunder was enough to shake my house and rattle the windows. Im so tired of this. You'll need to turn off the music and turn up the speakers to catch the sound. Unfortunately my mic only catches just so much. The first video is off the front porch, the second was taken about 2 minutes later out the back door. The hum you hear in the second video is the rain hitting the metal covering over the porch.


additional pictures of location

The following picture is about where we are. The closes "body" of water is a creek that is across the street and running on the back of their property over there. Needless to say if their yard starts flooding, Im running because I dont swim too good.

The next picture is where the nearest lake, White Rock Lake, is in relation to us.It has a few creeks that feed into it and the main creek was 4' over usual last night. They expect it to run 91' deep total by the time all this crap passes.

This last photo is us in relation to the next closest Lake, Lake Ray Hubbard. If any of them cause us trouble I half expect it to be Ray Hubbard.

Got a call from daddy to see how we were faring. I told him Ive take to checking between my toes for webs. He thought it was funny but reminded me to keep them up to date on it.

My Kingdom for an Ark!

There are new entries. One in the padded room and one in the main blog.

In other news:
I hope this map is large enough to see. I live in the upper righthand corner of Dallas County. TXSis (when she's home) is in Collin country somewhere.
Here is what's being posted on KDFW channel 4's web site:

Parker County Judge Mark Riley declared Parker County a disaster area Wednesday afternoon. He ordered the mandatory evacuation of residents living in the following communities along the Brazos River; Horseshoe Bend, Rio Brazos, Soda Springs, Hillbilly Haven RV Park and Lazy Bend Estates.

The disaster declaration and evacuation order were issued because of flooding along the Brazos River in Parker County, according to a press release from Judge Mark Riley.
Riley activated FirstCall, Parker County's emergency notification system. Through this system, calls are being made to residents in the affected areas letting them know of the mandatory evacuation order.

Parker County Emergency Management officials, Sheriff's Deputies, DPS, volunteer fire departments, and Parker County Search and Rescue are actively working and monitoring the situation, and assisting those who need help in evacuating.

State officials have notified Parker County that a fourth flood gate at Possum Kingdom Lake is likely to be opened. Because of this and more rainfall predicted for Wednesday, flooding along the Brazos River is expected to worsen.

Parker County officials will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. in Weatherford. FOX 4 news will bring you details on myFOXdfw.com.

Residents in other parts of the county in low-lying areas prone to flooding should closely monitor their situation and seek higher ground if flooding should occur.Officials are urging all residents in Parker County to not drive or wade into water. Both cars and people can easily be swept away.
Wednesday morning, street flooding was widespread in North Texas. Rescuers pulled the occupants out of a car that had filled up with floodwaters at Beltline and Alba Roads in Lancaster just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.The people in the car were safe. That intersection is one of many throughout North Texas that closed Wednesday morning due to high water.Another car was almost completely submerged at Tom Braniff and California Crossing in Northwest Dallas. Rescuers have found no sign of the driver. There was a child seat in the back and the sun roof was open when the car was found.--
myFOXdfw.com's Dallas/Fort Worth Weather Page
As of 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, there were eight closed intersections. They are: 4700 Block of HatcherCalifornia Crossing at LunaLuna at YTantor at XWildwood at California Crossing7400 Block of Merriman ParkwayWest Lawther at Northwest HighwayPark Central at LBJ
This county is 2 counties to my west. HOWEVER the creek feeding into the lake to my north east is swollen 4 feet HIGHER than usual. We are under a flood watch until noon tomorrow. I hope we dont lose power again.


June 26, 2007

Updates in the main blog as well as the Padded room.

Feeling kinda blue today. I'll be so glad when I get the stuff in my padded room done as it's making me miss my 4 legged kids so damn much. Only consolation I have is that I know they all went to good homes and are being well taken care of.


Stupid weather

It's bad out right now...I'll write more later. I just wanted to share these links with ya'll. One is of my niece reading a story ( you need to turn it up some as the camera's mic only captures so much ). This was taken the Friday we were on that trip up North for gramma's internment. Thank God for the video button on the camera and a large card! The other is a slide show my dad made of the pics from the luncheon and the internment.

Story Time

Pix of the internment

EDIT 12:55pm...wow that storm went fast. Good thing because I think Im starting to grow webs between my toes. Im so tired of the wet weather.

EDIT 342pm: Next entry is in the Padded Room. I miss Fizzi and Auggi *frowns*.


Catching Up

Ok there's an update in the main blog about Thursday and Friday's adventures.

I might get one put in the Padded Room today....havent decided. Ive been at this keyboard for several hours now and really need to get up and get somethings done around here. Maybe tomorrow....

Fly Away Lyrics


Today's running

Wont be at the computer most of the day. Hubby's home and we have a few places to go. There's a goodbye luncheon for a few of the people at work today (there's gonna be ALOT of those coming in the next few months because of what's going down there) and then we're going to go see The Fantastic Four movie.

Everyone have a nice day!

Far Away Lyrics


Flooding in Texas

For those that have been wondering about the Texas floods....they were well to my west but much closer to my TxSis. Here is a link to see the pictures from the affected area:


Today's additions

Only thing in today is the final 2 entries from the 360 into the padded room. From here out there'll be only one entry consisting of approximately 2 days of entries from the hand written journal. These entries my not occur with too much frequencey as I tend to get headaches really bad while Im entering them. I hope this is helping someone....whether they're going through the same thing...or if it's someone that knows me and wonders why I behave as I do...I hope this explains it.

U + Ur Hand Lyrics


Today's posts

The next two entries are in the padded room. Once I get the last two entries in (which will be tomorrow), there will only be one entry a day.

New entry in the Main blog too. Readers do me a favor, say a prayer (or light candles or whatever you feel inclined to do) for my brother. They have a need for them right now. Although the incident didnt happen to them, it's still a scary time considering that they have 2 little ones to protect as well as themselves. Thanks

EDIT 409pm central: The incident is at a close. Update will be edited into my Main blog.

New York Groove Lyrics


The next 2 entries are now in the Padded Room.

New entry in the main blog as well.

Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On Lyrics

Everyone have a nice day!


Happy Father's Day!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have the next 2 entries up in the padded room.

The Main blog also has a new entry.

I changed up the music (all but maybe 2 songs are different)...hope ya like it.

To all daddies out there (whether their kids are 2 legged or 4 legged) Happy Father's Day !!


Newest additions

There are 2 new entries in the Padded Room. I was debating whether or not to put 2 entries in as they get longer the more I write. I may just drop one of those a day just to make it easier on the reader. You'll notice a change in the colors too. The blue italicized sections are typed straight from the hand-written diary. The purple bold is the comments I made in the Yahoo360 blog when I originally typed it up. The default color is whatever I have to say regarding it now in this blog. I hope this helps keep things straight. It should unless you're colorblind, then you're fkd.

Update on yesterday's blog entry ( http://ladystyxbrain.blogspot.com/2007/06/just-doing-some-thinking.html ). I did manage to dig up the woman's email address out of an old email from someone else. I wish I had the snailmail as a tangible card would have been so much nicer. However, I did do the right thing and send her an ecard. Im not sure how well it was received although I did get a brief email saying thank you (nothing else but I cant ask for more than that with the way I treated her) which is more than I got from the other that I sent a snailmail card to. *shrugs* I know in my heart it was right to at least send her something. Now whether or not she wants to act on the thought is her choice.


Padded Room has 2 "new" posts

The next 2 installments of the Padded Room have been posted. At this rate I should be writing the new stuff in a week or less.

New entry in my Main blog too. Not sure how to handle what I discussed there. I know what's right to do in the one part so I'll be dealing with that tomorrow....assuming I can find an addy. My luck I probably pitched all I had regarding her and will simply just have to suck it up and leave her a message in her blog.

You want a good laugh? Go to my friend's blog for a funny story : http://makingsmallthoughtfulblogentries.blogspot.com/
It rivals right up with my squirrel story. If you havent heard it and want to let me know and I'll dig it up from my Yahoo 360 and post it. Otherwise I'll assume no one is interested and not bother.


Not much going on

Today is a slow day. Hubby's home and when he's here I dont write much. Only additions for today will be 2 entries in the Padded Room. Chicagolady was kind enough to pop my comments cherry in a couple entries so I have responded to those. Other than that it's a blah day with blah skies here.


Two new entries

I'm liking the way I can consolidate yet still keep my thoughts separate on this site. Once I get things up and running I may close that other account or use it strictly for feeds and reviews. There are two new entries in the Padded room. Im slowly getting things moved over. Slowly mostly because I dont want to scare people off with the size of the entries.


New Additions

If you look to your right, you'll notice I started up my LINKS section. Anything that's important to me will be found over there. Right now you'll see the following:

The Main Blog: This will contain what's going on in my life right now. Dr appointments, vehicle breakdowns, trips, what whatever else comes to mind.

Lady Styx's "ILuvMe" Padded Room: This blog contains my past history. Stories I remember from growing up and eventually the diary I started towards the end of my first marriage. When I finally complete the entries out of the diary I will be adding the communications I received from (and regarding) the jerk. I hope what I have to say here helps someone else out. If it's only to let you know that you're not alone.

My MySpace: Is just what it says. It's the link to my myspace where I keep the topic mainly to music. Since American Idol has completed for the season, the site's a bit slow there. Im hoping for RockStar to ramp up again this year.

What else...oh the music... I hope you like what I have playing. I only have it on this blog so if you want to listen to it and read the other blogs on my site you'll need to bookmark the additional links and double browse. I did it this way because not everyone likes the same music (I feel the same about the one blog I go to and it's got a country station on it...ugh).

Other news:
When on my trip to New York one of my layovers was in NYC and I saw this awesome Yankees tee in one of the gift shops so I picked it up for my gal in SC. She just called. It showed up yesterday. First thing she said was "Who's the best best friend in the whole world?". All I could answer was "ME" because I knew why she was calling.

A couple days ago my hubby called home and told me a buddy of his at work wanted to switch schedules for a while. Long story short...hubby works at TI and they're closing the plant he's working in and his release date is December 18th. As he's on a swing shift with 2 others, they'd decided to keep the shifts as is (his friend and one other on the night shift and hubby on days). In one way this sucks because of the wage differential (nights get more) but good because I have him home nights (I hate being alone at night). Well the trade will put him on nights for at least a month. I can understand why the buddy wanted to switch because he hadnt seen his wife (she works days) and wanted some time with her. I have mixed feelings on this.


You know what's sad?

You know what's sad? The fact Paris Hilton is in a maximum security prison while others who have done far worse are in less restrictive places. I by no means condone what she's done. Yes she deserves prison time. In a maximum security area? -No. Why do I think this? Let me tell you a true story.

I was once married to an emotionally and psychologically abusive man. We were married for 10 years. Yes, I agree it was my stupid fault for going through with the marriage and dumber still to stick around as long as I did, but that's another whole story which I may or may not get into later. When I finally got the backbone to leave, he attempted to track me down (can anyone say stalking?) and made all sorts of threats to get PIs to drag me home. When I *finally* was allowed to file for divorce (I had to wait 6 months in Texas before I could file), things got harder on me because I had a helluva time finding his butt. Why? Because in all the time I was waiting to file, he was doing the same damn thing to other women in his area. He got him arrested for 3 counts stalking and 5 counts of harrassment all with the intention to do harm ( his letters mentioned raping them and killing them at knife and/ or gunpoint). This man is in a MEDIUM security prison at this point ( http://www.cor.state.pa.us/inmatelocatorweb/ type in inmate # ga5517). If you click the link for the prison he's in (Coal Township) you can see what type of facility it is. This man who is definitely in worse mental state than Ms Hilton....in only medium security.

Paris, however, has been deemed to be dangerous enough to be placed in MAXIMUM security (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19158219/ read to about halfway down). Can anyone explain why? Like I said before, I do not condone her actions (nor the spoiled brat demonstration that's been on the news) BUT her actions to not scream to place her in a facility like she's in. The only thing I can think of is that they have the best medical and mental clinic there and that's why. If anyone else can explain why feel free to comment.