Another sunny day

We have another sunny day. The weather's saying we're gonna get rain today though. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow. No time for an entry in the padded room right now. I may do one later, I havent decided yet. There is one in the main blog though. I gotta run a couple errands (hubby forgot he wanted coffee while we were out yesterday and Im craving chocolate icecream) and need to be back for my stream tonight. I got 70's queued up.


Tori_Z said...

There's always something that gets forgotten when you go shopping! Or, something you didn't want, and decide the next day that you REALLY want it!

AliceKay said...

I tuned in to your stream for awhile...good tunes. I always did enjoy your streams.

LadyStyx said...

Yeah there sure is Tori. The coffee wasnt bought because he was busy picking out the meats we'd want for the week while I was off getting my tea. If I knew he needed coffee (I dont drink the crap) I would have picked it up while I was in that aisle. The chocolate icecream, however, I had considered buying and KNEW we didnt have any on hand. Im just trying to be really good with what I consume.Well the chocoholic in me won out yesterday afternoon. I bought a quart of Baskin Robbins peanut butter and chocolate. If I had really thought about it and bought it anyhow at the store I would have ended up with a pint of plain ole chocolate instead (which would have been better for me than what I ended up buying...) the peanut butter could have been added if I really wanted it as I always have peanut butter on hand (and it would have been the good for you peanut butter and not the stuff they use in store bought goods!).

Thanks Alice ! Had a different stream set up before bed on Friday night and something about it I wasnt happy with. I noticed I was having more fun with the 70's tunes so I ripped everything else out and set a straight 70's stream. Funny thing is when I went to bed, I turned the tv on in the bedroom and there was an infomercial on VH1 for a Flower Power set...all 70's music. You know if I had gone to bed with that first stream I would have ended up getting up and resetting it to the 70's. Nothing like a bit of confirmation that you have the right stream. LOL