A forgotten event

Looks like I was writing as Chicago was reading in some cases. LOL. Thing is I was going to do them early this afternoon and we had some thunder boomers go through. Then when they stopped I was getting into Hell's Kitchen and of course when I get into one of my shows you can forget me doing anything computerwise...even if I have the laptop in the livingroom. Oh hell I wont even talk on the phone during those times. Man, I hope the nanny whips that executive chef's ass. I really wanted the short order cook though...*sigh*. Maybe next time.

Made some changes to both the Main Blog and the Padded Room. Got a new picture up and tweaked the font colors. The quote on the top of the Padded Room is from a myspace of a friend of my hubby's. Thought it was very appropriate for the topic.

Today's entry in the main blog is a forgotten event from Thursday. Ya'll remember I mentioned a dr's appointment on that day right? Go figure I can remember the name , description and personality of every one of the cats I had as an adult but damned if I can remember what happened to me two days prior. I see Chicago laughing at this as we had that conversation Sunday night. She made the mistake of asking if I remembered them all....and I did. Every. Last.One. With one minor little glitch at who got left behind in Louisiana. Maybe it was all the trauma of seeing the scopes on the table and knowing one of them were going to get shoved up my nose....

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