Just another day

I know by this pic it doesnt really look like it but the "kids" really do get along well. The dog is just a tad hyper for the cat's tastes sometimes. Dharma's (kitty) claws might be splayed in the picture but she never once has used them against KatyLou (my furniture, on the other hand....). Katy's about 10 pounds so Im guessing Dharma's around 12. Katy's hubby's holy terror and is usually quiet - until daddy gets home then it's like a racetrack in my hallway.
There are new entries today in each of the other areas.
Man I need a cuppa tea...oh wait...I've gone decaf havent I? *sigh* Maybe a Pepsi....


Tori_Z said...

Your 'kids' are adorable!

I've got a few photos where it looks like my lot don't get on too, but they do. Sometimes the cats are too hyper for the dog, other times the dog is too hyper for the cats. Other times, they are all curled up in various groups asleep.

LadyStyx said...

What's fun is when they play tag. You'll hear this massive noise going down the hall, look up and see the dog chasing the cat. THen it gets real quiet and the ruckus starts again, you look up and the cat's chasing the dog. Unfortunately the cat's legs are longer (she stands a good inch taller than the dog...I need to get a pic of them standing side by side) so she always ends up running over the dog!