Well thanks to Chicagolady singing in the last comment...I managed to see 2-3 hours of sun today. Since I responded to her comment, though, it's clouded over and rained- TWICE. With more to come. Maybe I should leave her singing next time and not respond...maybe THAT'S the trick.

Entries in the padded room and the main blog. The main blog is just a joke a friend sent in email that is just too good not to share. It's so hard to find one I havent read yet. I was typing the padded room entry between storms so please forgive the lateness....well the storms and a long distance call from my SCSis (who sent me the joke in the main blog).

Alice, I know you're probably reading this....I am praying today found a better day than yesterday and will find an even brighter tomorrow.


ChicagoLady said...

If singing really did the trick, I'd sing over the phone to ya, but you'd probably hang up on me, lmao

AliceKay said...

You know me too well, Styxie. Yes, I'm reading this...and thank you for the kind words.

LadyStyx said...

Nah, I wouldnt hang up on ya Chicago...I may not answer in the first place as I wouldnt recognize the number but I wouldnt hang up. Your singing cant be any worse than mine anyhow! Im sure Ive heard worse (my dad AND my brother are tone deaf and cant hold a note to save their lives).

You're welcome Alice. *smilez*