Oooooooooooooooh I been busy the last couple days!

There are 8 new Jokes up, 3 new entries in the Main since Wednesday and 2 others here on the Home page (see below)


Paul Hunt comedy routines

Remember to turn the music off down below. This will be funny even for the hearing impaired . Like they point out in the one, it takes some serious skills to look this bad.
Balance Beam

Uneven bars

Floor Exercise

Fooling the body


just one time....

kinda like the typos in chat and Freudian slips...they linger far longer than is comfortable for anyone concerned.


the iggy-OCHA effect in action

Are you SURE the iggy-OCHA effect isnt in play??? Gotta ~LOVE~ the timing!!! From Chicagolady's comments section straight to the edjumakashunalz.


Just some funnies and an update

Been working on the site today. There's a new link on a couple of the pages. I've been moving all my older entries from my Yahoo360 over to here because Im not certain what all's going down over there...whether they're gonna close the site or if they're upgrading to move the blogs to another area or what. I do know that they've not kept up with cleaning up the bugs nearly as well as Blogger seems to and it's gotten so the pages load very slow. It's irritating to say the least. Most of you have seen the entries already, but some havent. There are 30-31 new entries up in that section already. Only another 18 more months worth to get copied over.

I got 2 entries up in the Main today and may add another one or two to the jokes area when Im done here.

A few funnies as Im cleaning out my files. This time on the internet:


Ping Pong, Matrix style

Just something my hubby found on YouTube. Reminder to turn off the music below....there's no dialogue, but there are sound effects that really kinda make it if you know what I mean.


Possible solution?

Boy, I love her way of thinking sometimes!


Michael Kosterman will be having a new song out soon. It'll be released to radio on October 1st. However, he's got the song up on his MySpace page now if you care to take a listen.

My Heart Is A Song - Michael Kosterman


I've got most of the weekend up in blogs this week. There are 2 long entries in the Main. I have at least 1-2 (maybe 3) additional entries coming up soon. I've also added 7 more in the Jokes area since Thursday. There's a new music Widget from ReverbNation on the Main blog. I have it so it wont automatically start though because I know Tori wont be able to access the page if I do. The music on it probably wont change too much.


Im almost done getting the pictures cleaned up from our trip. Damn I hate when the lighting is less than adequate. When it's less than ideal the flash goes off everytime and so much of the time I have to choose between covering the flash and pray the pix arent too dark to fix OR let the flash be and wash out the pix terribly. As I can fix the dark pictures better than an over lit one, I usually opt for the former. Anyhow, I got all the wedding pix done and after the aquarium ones are done, I'll start uploading to Photobucket. After that I'll start my entries. Yeah...I said entries...


definitely terribly misunderstood

Outta the mouths of children....
I woulda put it on the other page but I figure I'll be putting scads there in a day or so (I have over 300 pix to weed through and clean up). Besides comics like this (with conversation) are a bitch to get so my visually impared readers understand what's going on.




Congratulations my dear NJSis! May you have a long and wonderful marriage!!!


Gas funny

Safe in NJ. This room is ~beautiful~!! Trip longer than planned thanks to some idiot drivers (accidents) and con-friggin-struction. *sigh* Cant wait for tomorrow.