the iggy-OCHA effect in action

Are you SURE the iggy-OCHA effect isnt in play??? Gotta ~LOVE~ the timing!!! From Chicagolady's comments section straight to the edjumakashunalz.


ChicagoLady said...

And it's still going on. During the women's marathon run last night, did anyone except me see the flat-sided striped cones showing the way into the "birds nest"? I guess they have a different breed over in China.

AliceKay said...

LMAO @ the comic.

I noticed them too, chicagolady. LOL

Intense Guy said...

*just laffs*

I gotta get me a bathing suit like that ... micro whatzit fibers pushing water away huh... wonder what it does when a guy gets sweaty.

I missed the chinese OCHAs? please someone tell me it ain't so!