Oooooooooooooooh I been busy the last couple days!

There are 8 new Jokes up, 3 new entries in the Main since Wednesday and 2 others here on the Home page (see below)


Jess said...

Hey, I've really been enjoying reading all your blogs. the jokes, the memories. It must all be a lot of work to upkeep!
Where do you find all the funny pictures and videos?

LadyStyx said...

Welcome Jess. It can be when I actually put the work into the pages. LOL. I actually have a couple MySpace pages that are added to the mix too. The one is particularly busy during American Idol time (now THAT'S busy!!). The pictures are just things I find while Im cruising the 'net. Sometimes they're comics I've read or things I've seen on other sites that I thought were really cool.

Jess said...

Cool! I found your blog when I was looking at people who had commented on Tori's blog as I often visit there.
I don't think I'm quite as dedicated to my blogs as you, but I occassionally try.