Been a busy few days in my Blogger account. The Squirrel Wars got wrapped up, I've got 2 entries with awards in them and another with just some pix I wanted to share.

You'll see a few changes also. I've placed a ReverbNation player at the bottom of the page for your listening pleasure. On it is music of some of the artist Im a fan of on that site. I've added a few clicks and whistles to the page. At the bottom you'll find a followers section. Not sure I'll keep it, it all depends on if people use it or not. Same goes to the subscription buttons to the right. If they're used, I'll keep then around. I've added a quote of the day to the right. It'll be interesting to see what shows up from day to day. there have been a couple awards given that I've proudly hung up and you'll see that I've begun to categorize my entries. This last project may take me a while. I've moved a couple things around too. The current conditions and site meter have been moved to the bottom.

I'll be adding a couple of Jokes to the appropriate area in just a few minutes. I hope everyone likes the changes.

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Intense Guy said...

Hi yas. I'm still trying to determine what/how to use the Blog followers thingy.

Hope your allergy shot didn't cause ya grief today.