This video has no sound so no worries that the music's playin. Who knows, the purrrfect song may come up while you're watching.

This video is cute but makes me miss my Auggie. He is a black and white tuxedoed longhaired boy that I had to leave behind. He was 2 when I left so he's around 7 now. I know some of you remember me telling you stories of how Auggie would like to play. This video is actually another cat playing the same game Auggie loved.


Intense Guy said...


I'm sure Auggie misses you too - its been 5 years - he may find you yet. Did you see that cat that was in the news recently that returned home after about a half dozen years?

Karla said...

makes me miss my Skitti :-( I want another kittycat!!!!

AliceKay said...

Aww,,,,so cute.

(karla...i keep asking you if you want one of mine)