Ya never know where inspiration will hit

Yeah, sometimes that's how the entries come about. LOL
The Lola comic can be found here: http://comics.com/lola/
I suspect since we're 3 days into the week, that Thursday's and Friday's will be more of the same theme on that site.


Welcome Spring

I meant to have these ready and posted yesterday...*sigh*. I seem to be slow gettin things done the last few days...



Just something that touched my heart while I was off looking for something else. I suspect I needed this reminder. Well that and the one I saw that said "I am responsible for my own happiness". I love how I find things in a most timely manner.


Just playin

My American Idol entry summed up in a word cloud.
The entry this Wordle is based on can be found here: http://ladystyxsjukebox.blogspot.com/