As they say...location, location, location....


This comic came up today and made me think of iggy's comment on Alice's blog entry from last week.....
Yesterday I posted a long read in the Inspirational area. Iggy, it's the same one I emailled you. I just thought you really needed to see that one right away....not sure why but when I get one of those gut feelings I go with it.
Im going to start an entry for the Main area in a few. Im not sure if it'll get up tonight or by tomorrow so you may want to check back.


Heads up...I been busy the last couple days.

Jokes page: 14 entries
Inspirational page: 1-2 entries
Main Blog: 2 entries. They started off as 1 entry but it got really long and I really didnt wanna discuss the one topic with the other one.....

A funny video we took 2 days ago...Dharma decided our DVD player's a toy. Im putting the video here because it's all visual and Tori wont be able to see it anyhow. There isnt much noise worth turning it up for (just a few giggles) so dont worry about turning the music below off. Hubby noticed her going after it when he popped the tray open so he started playing with it to keep her attention while I filmed.


New entries today:

1 in Inspirational
1 in the Padded Room (new decor here too)


This was sent to me by my SCSis the other day and I thought I'd share it with everyone here since those that I would have sent it to in email read here anyhow (plus a few others that I dont have emails too)!! So everyone make sure to grab your balloons while you're visiting my site today. Oh hell...take as many balloons as you care to have...I've got plenty for all y'all. Oh and iggy....the special OCHA shaped ones in the corner of the Photobucket...those are for you dear. :)

I've added 2 in Inspirational, 2 in Jokes (thanks Alice for the one) and I've up loaded a few vids in my YouTube that I'll be posting over here later in the day. Actually, I may try to upload them thru here first. Well, anyhow, everyone have a very nice day today and a wonderful evening if I dont see you later.



Well today's not supposed to get quite as hot. At this point we're at 72 degrees and are supposed to get up to 87 by this evening. Only gonna get hotter as last I saw we'll have 99 come tomorrow. The killer is that the humidity is running at 73% right now. *bah*



Ok...it's taken 2 days (thanks to the fkn storms) but there's a new entry up in the Main. There are more laffz in the JokeRoom and I *finally* refreshed the one blog page. I kinda dont think I like it though so expect a change in a day or so.