This was sent to me by my SCSis the other day and I thought I'd share it with everyone here since those that I would have sent it to in email read here anyhow (plus a few others that I dont have emails too)!! So everyone make sure to grab your balloons while you're visiting my site today. Oh hell...take as many balloons as you care to have...I've got plenty for all y'all. Oh and iggy....the special OCHA shaped ones in the corner of the Photobucket...those are for you dear. :)

I've added 2 in Inspirational, 2 in Jokes (thanks Alice for the one) and I've up loaded a few vids in my YouTube that I'll be posting over here later in the day. Actually, I may try to upload them thru here first. Well, anyhow, everyone have a very nice day today and a wonderful evening if I dont see you later.


Intense Guy said...

*laffs at the new OCHA pictures*

Oh! these are great! I'm going to be blogging about OCHAs for the rest of my life :)

ChicagoLady said...

I just got that balloon one in email today, lol.