Today's writings

Today feels like a Pandora's Box kinda day. I have 3...yes I said 3 entries for the day. One is in my Padded Room. This one deals with the next section and also goes into an episode that came to mind when my back started bothering me today. Damn flashbacks. At least it's drawn attention to me as to what the possible cause of my back pain is.
I also have 2 entries in the Main Blog. One is the same ole general stuff and the other is a memory I had from last night. Should one explore what could have been on those Roads Not Travelled? Should one really be as curious as Pandora? We all know what happened to her (if ya dont...time to Google it). Then of course, she opened the box not once but twice and with the second opening she released Hope as well as all the Troubles (they did a mass exodus upon the first opening).
Now if you'll excuse me, this Pandora's gonna open that box in the 'frige labelled Sangria.....

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