Just a sample

For anyone who was listening last night as I attempted to cover a friend's stream, this is why I bailed. I had *just* enough time to bail, shut the puter down and grab my camera (thank goodness for the video function on the bugger) before it was coming down this hard. The thunder was enough to shake my house and rattle the windows. Im so tired of this. You'll need to turn off the music and turn up the speakers to catch the sound. Unfortunately my mic only catches just so much. The first video is off the front porch, the second was taken about 2 minutes later out the back door. The hum you hear in the second video is the rain hitting the metal covering over the porch.


ChicagoLady said...

Glad to see you aren't floating away yet. That looks just like the typical summer thunderstorms we get, lol.

The last few days, our storms have been so isolated, but with them comes the dark almost black clouds that makes it look like night outside. It was so dark yesterday afternoon, I stayed at work an hour late, just to avoid some of it.

LadyStyx said...

It actually got worse than that. I just aint brave enough to try and get the lightnin shots ;). This is day 16 (straight) of rain for us. Flash flood watch which was supposed to end tomorrow around noon has been extended. We're all praying it clears up for the 4th. It'd be nice if the low system that's stalled over us would just move. June is USUALLY our driest month. Talk about going to extremes! Im wanting a happy medium right about now.