Padded Room has 2 "new" posts

The next 2 installments of the Padded Room have been posted. At this rate I should be writing the new stuff in a week or less.

New entry in my Main blog too. Not sure how to handle what I discussed there. I know what's right to do in the one part so I'll be dealing with that tomorrow....assuming I can find an addy. My luck I probably pitched all I had regarding her and will simply just have to suck it up and leave her a message in her blog.

You want a good laugh? Go to my friend's blog for a funny story : http://makingsmallthoughtfulblogentries.blogspot.com/
It rivals right up with my squirrel story. If you havent heard it and want to let me know and I'll dig it up from my Yahoo 360 and post it. Otherwise I'll assume no one is interested and not bother.

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