additional pictures of location

The following picture is about where we are. The closes "body" of water is a creek that is across the street and running on the back of their property over there. Needless to say if their yard starts flooding, Im running because I dont swim too good.

The next picture is where the nearest lake, White Rock Lake, is in relation to us.It has a few creeks that feed into it and the main creek was 4' over usual last night. They expect it to run 91' deep total by the time all this crap passes.

This last photo is us in relation to the next closest Lake, Lake Ray Hubbard. If any of them cause us trouble I half expect it to be Ray Hubbard.

Got a call from daddy to see how we were faring. I told him Ive take to checking between my toes for webs. He thought it was funny but reminded me to keep them up to date on it.


ChicagoLady said...

I heard there was more flooding in Texas. Praying that you don't have to evacuate!

LadyStyx said...

Same here. I am praying we're up high enough where nothing gets ruined.

AliceKay said...

Been thinking about you...hope you're both safe.

LadyStyx said...

Thank you Alice. We are both safe and havent had to run as of yet. I'd kind of like to keep it that way.