New Additions

If you look to your right, you'll notice I started up my LINKS section. Anything that's important to me will be found over there. Right now you'll see the following:

The Main Blog: This will contain what's going on in my life right now. Dr appointments, vehicle breakdowns, trips, what whatever else comes to mind.

Lady Styx's "ILuvMe" Padded Room: This blog contains my past history. Stories I remember from growing up and eventually the diary I started towards the end of my first marriage. When I finally complete the entries out of the diary I will be adding the communications I received from (and regarding) the jerk. I hope what I have to say here helps someone else out. If it's only to let you know that you're not alone.

My MySpace: Is just what it says. It's the link to my myspace where I keep the topic mainly to music. Since American Idol has completed for the season, the site's a bit slow there. Im hoping for RockStar to ramp up again this year.

What else...oh the music... I hope you like what I have playing. I only have it on this blog so if you want to listen to it and read the other blogs on my site you'll need to bookmark the additional links and double browse. I did it this way because not everyone likes the same music (I feel the same about the one blog I go to and it's got a country station on it...ugh).

Other news:
When on my trip to New York one of my layovers was in NYC and I saw this awesome Yankees tee in one of the gift shops so I picked it up for my gal in SC. She just called. It showed up yesterday. First thing she said was "Who's the best best friend in the whole world?". All I could answer was "ME" because I knew why she was calling.

A couple days ago my hubby called home and told me a buddy of his at work wanted to switch schedules for a while. Long story short...hubby works at TI and they're closing the plant he's working in and his release date is December 18th. As he's on a swing shift with 2 others, they'd decided to keep the shifts as is (his friend and one other on the night shift and hubby on days). In one way this sucks because of the wage differential (nights get more) but good because I have him home nights (I hate being alone at night). Well the trade will put him on nights for at least a month. I can understand why the buddy wanted to switch because he hadnt seen his wife (she works days) and wanted some time with her. I have mixed feelings on this.

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