Lotsa stuff today

There are more jokes in the Joke area. Typically I put around 4 entries in there when I add. Some of it's pretty off color though....fair warning.

The Padded Room has an entry. It deals with the last part of the injury I was talking about and the final part of being at that school. I'll be moving on to the next job with the next entry. There's more about that leg coming up in a future entry.

I also wrote in the Main Blog. That entry took me 3 days to write because Ive been so depressed over here about things. Looks like Im headed into a new part of my life soon. Im not sure if Im really ready to handle this and Im afraid of flashbacks hitting during an important moment. Maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe it's just what I need to get past some of the hurt. Who knows.

A decision has been come to and entered into the Journey Page. It's taken me a couple days to come to this but I feel it's for the best right now. This will be the last entry there for a while. When things start looking up I may start writing in there again so I wont be taking it down, just placing it on hold for a bit.

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