Is it October 23rd yet???

Ohhh we're so close to the release date I can almost see that cd in my hot little hands. *hot flash*

Ok sorry about that. So....

Im just a tad excited.

Added more to the joke area and will be drafting an entry for the main blog which will be posted later. I know it's going to take a while to get it written and I see Blogger is taking a 10 minute break for maintenance in less than an hour. I just know it's gonna take me longer than that to type it all out. Last thing I want to do is write it all in here and lose it at the last second.

Ohhhh Fix time! Today's (and next week's) are not Bo songs but are tribute pieces done by a couple of fans. I hope you like them.

Something Special (a tribute video for Bo Bice....some ~nice~ pix in this one!)

Something Special

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