Bo fix early and updates

Ok I got a new post in the Main Blog and a few more jokes in the Jokes area. Eventually I will get all of them out of my inbox I swear!

I've finished a couple more horse plaques and will post the pictures in a day or so.

There's a new link to the right....my friend has his own website now. Im so excited for him!

Im putting in the last Bo video a day early simply because Im thinking of keeping the computer shut off tomorrow and actually reading or painting some more. Maybe I can get those last 2 pieces done so I can work on a Christmas gift for my friend. I suspect she may try and surprise me with a little somethin somethin for the holiday.

Bo Montage done to Sexy Back


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Lainie said...

I want him for Christmas!! Wow what a great way to wake up the senses! (Did I mention I love him?)

LadyStyx said...

Ya aint the only one hun *winkz*