Lotsa stuff today

Took down my countdown today. The Bo vids and music will stay up until tomorrow or the next day depending on when I get back in to deal with it.

New pictures up in the craft area. The latest 2 plaques were finished this week and if I could manage to get my crack outta this chair and the fingers away from the keyboard (it'd be much easier if hubby would just bring Bo home today), then I could get the other 2 done. I gotta finish them because the next project is a holiday gift for a dear friend of mine. She's been having a rough time with an abusive sot of a spouse the last few months and managed to get away from her problems faster than I could mine. The last thing I made for her was a wedding gift and I really want her to have something that was mad strictly for her and not the union.

Added 4 more jokes in the one other section of my blogs. They're probably ones you've seen before but that's ok. Im trying to remember to add to that page daily.

The main blog has pix up too and an entry for today. Oh and yes, that's a new background on there...I was tired of the denim material.

I even put an entry in the Padded Room. It's not as bad as some that I have written lately, infact this one has a good memory in it for a change.

Oh and I forgot to add in today's entry....hubby sent home an article yesterday. Looks like TI's closing another plant in Tuscon. Like I told Chicago last night, they may as well rename the company at this rate because it doesnt look like it's going to be in Texas too much longer. They keep calling it T.I. and it isnt based in Texas...well that's false advertising. Maybe P.I. since they're moving alot of what they're doing to the Phillippines....or maybe M.I. for Malaysia..... *shrugz*

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