Today's updates, Bo Bice videos

Ok, I've added a bunch more jokes to the Jokes page. Im trying to remember to give credit to the people I got them from...sometimes I forget though.

I finally put a new entry in the Padded Room. Although it doesnt reflect it, I actually started that one on the 19th of September. I just couldnt bring myself to get it done.

I actually had an entry for the Main Blog but this Blogger Bitch froze up on me and I lost half the entry. Personally, I dont feel like typing the last half again right now...I might later but right now all I wanna do is flip off the 'puter which is a good sign I need to just get up and away from it. If Im not still pissed off later I might post it, if not it could be tomorrow or later (of course with the way I've been feeling I may just dump the damn entry too *shrugz*). Maybe I just need to go out and get some sun.

Ohhh I forgot to post this week's Bo vids so they are below. Again we have 2. Next week I'll post all the nice Christmas ones...yeah I know wrong time of year but :P~~~

Oh...and the anonymous posters (this time around they are the Bice fanatics), I suggest you look at my page and note that I have a banner up AND a countdown to Bo's new cd so yes Im very well aware when it comes out. YES, I already posted a link for the samples last week so there is no need to post it in my comment section. NO I have not put the cd name out there but it IS on the link for the samples but incase anyone forgot it's called See the Light and it's got some awesome tracks on it. So please dont be leaving what amounts to an ad on my page regarding it. That's spam and I hate spam. Spam just makes me really snarky and Im sure you dont want that. Now if you wanna leave a nice comment about the vids or how excited you are to get the cd, that's another story completely and drooling over the man is welcome :) . All I ask is ya mop up afterwards so no one slips! Lainie, this means you too luv. ~grinz evilly~

Oh...before I forget....reminder to Chicago to turn the player at the bottom OFF before viewing the videos. Im pretty sure Bo aint gonna match up with alotta that music down there this week either.....

Gimme Back My Bullets w/ Lynard Skynyrd (check out those pants on Bo!! Damn to be in the front row when he pulled the Capt Morgan stance....)

Gimme Back My Bullets

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Call Me the Breeze w/ Lynard Skynyrd

Call Me The Breeze

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ChicagoLady said...

ROTFLMAO! Don't worry, I remembered this time, did it first thing before I started reading your post.

LadyStyx said...

I figured since you said you needed constant monitoring...I'd better head that one off right at the start. :P~