Hell yeah Im ready....

EDIT SEPT27 @1106AM: This note added for the benefit of Chicagolady who "always will need step-by-step instructions" (her words, not mine).....In the entry below you will be required to scroll to the bottom of the home page to TURN OFF the player BEFORE playing the videos. Bo's songs dont match up with Harry n the rest in the player. ~grinz~ Oh and the videos are meant to be watched ONE AT A TIME, not simultaneously. While we're leaving directions...this link below will take you to another site....I suggest clicking each separately (and only clicking the next one when you're finished listening to the previously chosen clip) and then using the OPEN option and not save as they arent the whole song, just a 1 minute or so snippit of each. I hope this edit has made your life easier ;).

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One minute snippits of the songs on the new album. Hell yeah Im ready for this one and time simply CANNOT pass fast enough so I can get my hands on this cd.

Double videos posted this week because I think I forgot last week. The last one I remember posting is the one before 911. Oopsie. Just been a little sidetracked here. Dunno why, nothing much is going on.

Blades of Glory (leave it to Bo Bice to make a cheesy, made-for-movie song actually sound halfway decent...)

Blades of Glory - Bo Bice

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Doesnt Remind Me

Bo Bice Doesn't Remind Me

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Anonymous said...

Hi There

Your blog was in today's "Bo Bice" google alert that I signed up for (I'm a big fan od Bo's!) and I just wanted to tell you in case you dodn't know that Bo has a new album coming out on October 23, called SEE THE LIGHT!

All his fans are so excited about it as he wrote or co-wrote every song and it has the funkly southern rock sound that is the REAL BO BICE!!!

You can listent to sound clips here:

Check out his fan site:



LadyStyx said...

Evidently Pat didnt read the whole entry...otherwise they would have known that I already gave the link. Plus Pat also hasnt looked at the whole page ....otherwise they would have known Im fully aware of when the cd is coming out. :)

ChicagoLady said...

ROTFLMAO! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions! They worked perfectly!

Lainie said...

When I heard the song Blades of Glory in the movie I told my daughter "this is Bo" and she shot me a look. Kind of the same look she gave me at the end of the Cars movie when I told her that it sounded like John Mayer singing Route 66.
I like it...can't wait for Bo's CD to be in my hot little hands too!

LadyStyx said...

LOL@ lainie! I hear ya.