answers and today

Sorry the post is late. Im like totally dead tired right now. It's been a long day as I was up a good 6 hours or more before Im used to and things were rough.... well rough for a highly strung person. I actually started writing in the main blog around 225pm or so and fell asleep after one paragraph so I went in for a nap. I didnt wake up til 530pm and started to get it finish. Then while I was moving the one pic I lost the first paragraph and had to rewrite it so it's taken a bit longer to get this posted than anticipated.

Thanks Alice for pointing out that one song. I got it fixed. When in doubt always use the file from the artist's own page or a properly spnsored page ;).

Thanks for all the nice comments on the decor in the Journey to Parenthood room. I love the feel of the room too and I look forward to putting more entries in there soon. I may end up changing the decor in the Main Blog to something similar.... possibly even this home page eventually. Not the Padded Room though...I dont think I'll ever change that dark feel in there.

Oh and I made sure to answer most of the questions in my comments as per my usual. So yes, there is a bit of reading in some cases.

EDIT on 08/16/07 @ 305pm: I know I said I wasnt going to write but I found an interesting article that I posted the link to in the Journey page.

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