new setting as of today

Im tired of getting people in who hide under the "anonymous" nick and dont have the balls to say who they are. As such I've changed the settings to a couple of the pages to where you need to have an account to leave a comment. Im sorry but I feel it is necessary at this time to make this change. All pages associated with this account will more than likely go to this setting. This should not effect any of my usual readers that have accounts.


Intense Guy said...

I hear you. I spent 5 minutes this morning removing spam comments - and my blog already "requires" an account.

Sigh. Some folks need to get a life.

AliceKay said...

I don't blame you, Styxie. It's your blog and you have the right to know who is commenting. And Iggy...I wondered about that one "comment" in your blog yesterday. *looks at the clock* Hmm...it's late. I should be in bed, but Marty and Terri are watching a very loud movie in the living room, so I'm making my rounds thru the blogs. (gots toothpicks holding my eyes open now)

LadyStyx said...

Iggy: I dont get them often and usually I dont mind so much but considering what I was going to be posting, last thing I needed was some a$$hole coming in here and bashing the content on one of the links.

Alice: Damn straight. I hope you got to bed at a reasonable hour although looking at the timestamps it looks like you didnt.