Forgot to mention that I wrote a blog really early this a.m. Sorry I was really tired when I was typing it. Oh and I've added a RSS feed to my MySpace account on the Home Page as well as the Main Blog (that one mostly for Tori's convenience as I know she doesnt visit this page). I'll be blogging AI as usual unless something comes up (namely a job...maybe I can convince them to only work me on Thurs-Mon?). In any case, even if I have to work Im sure I'll find a way to get my thoughts out there (thanks to YouTube...).


ChicagoLady said...

Trying to remember my thoughts after reading your MySpace page. Cardin McKinney reminds me lookswise and voicewise of Kat McPhee. What do you think?

I liked Chikeze, he fits your prediction, and remember we haven't seen all 164 golden ticket winners. There may be other AA males that you'll see in the Hollywood rounds.

Was the other city Miami, or did they already show that city? If it wasn't Miami, then it was a "best of the rest" show, which might be true because I was noticing from one person to the next Paula's outfit kept changing.

LadyStyx said...

*looks back at the AI pix* Yes, I do think you're right on Cardin. I was busy taking notes that night and hadnt noticed it.

I like Chikeze too. If I recall the "spoiler list" there were only 1-2 AAMs on there and I dont believe either has the IT to win the whole thing. I wont know until they actually start the competition. I'll have to find the spoiler links and post them in here.

Miami had already been shown. I ~think~ they said the last night was Hollywood (the auditions before the "official" Hollywood rounds). I dont think it was a best of the rest but I could be mistaken. I know when they breeze through some of the worsters those are clips from several different cities...and not necessarily the city they're in like we're led to believe (gotta love those editors).