Well..no writer's block tonight. No, I didnt deal with the one I was mulling over and pretty much am going to let it go. An opinion is an opinion....period. I will say that I was a touch dismayed over the whole thing though.
There are 2 entries in the main blog tonight. One is all comics though so it'll go fast. The other is, as my friend iggy pointed out, a "3 grilled cheese sammich" kinda entry so you may wanna grab something to eat and drink, go wring the bladder dry and get comfy before starting to read it.
I added the links to the Photobuckets to the right there....>>>
You want the Air and Space file from 2008. If you feel like checking out the other pictures too, feel free.


ChicagoLady said...

Goes to clear the bladder before moving to the next page.

Intense Guy said...

LMAO at the comics...

I gotta use that "not the brightest monkey on the branch" line sometime.