Workin on the site a bit today. If you havent been to it...there's a new page up. No, there's not a new entry there...it's the one that I've been tryin to get to look just right for the family memories. Big thanks to iggy for sending me the picture of the monument. It's not what I had pictured but it looks good nonetheless.

The Jokes area saw new entries on Wednesday and Thursday. A new entry went up in the Inspirational area...some of you got it via email already.

I'll be working an entry in the Main in a few minutes. As usual, it may take me half the day so just keep checking back. I should have it up before bedtime tonight.

EDIT:634pm: I got about half the entry up. I see we're due for an outage pretty soon so Im going to leave the other half for later tonight or tomorrow.


Intense Guy said...

*Gives ya a big hug!*

And you are welcome - that "memories" page looks fantastic!

LadyStyx said...